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One Last Battle to Go: What’s Going to Happen in Karen Marie Moning’s Feversong?

Feversong by Karen Marie Moning

A long-awaited conclusion, and a dreaded goodbye for loving readers.

ALERT: Hold it right there! Don’t scroll a single line further if you aren’t caught up on Karen Marie Moning’s “Fever” Series. Because: Here There Be Spoilers… and unrepentant fangirling.

Okay folks! This is it.

At last, after a long and wild ride, our time in Dublin is coming to an end. And if you are ready for the end then you are in a far better place than me emotionally. Because I am still trying to recover from the heartbreaking, exhilarating whirlwind that was last year’s Feverborn.

A quick catch up...

But there's no stopping Feversong, so while we wait for January let’s take a stroll though the Temple Bar, and reminisce.

KMM’s Fever universe started with the original five book series: Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever (aka the book of pain and suffering) and Shadowfever (aka the book of pain and suffering, part 2). 

Book 1, Darkfever, introduce us to heroine-in-the-making Mackayla Lane at one of the darkest moments of her life: the death of her sister Alina. Angry and grieving Mac packs her bags and leaves home for Dublin determined to find her sister’s killer. Enter one shadowy, dangerous, and drop-dead-sinfully-sexy Jericho Barrons; more horrifying monsters than you can shake a stick at; and an insidious plot to end the world and, well, the rest is history. 

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Books 2 through 5 chronicle Mac’s journey to recover the deadly Sinsar dubh before it can be used to destroy her world . But as if that weren’t enough Mac’s also on a twisting road to find out just who, or what, she really is: is she Mackayla, the country bartender from Georgia? Is she Jericho Barron’s OOP detecting, fae slaying, warrior lover? Is she a leader in her own right? Or a monster? Could she even be a part of the very mystery she is trying to unravel? The final showdown between Mac, the Sinsar Dubh, and all the power parties in pursuit of the book (Cruce/V’lane, the Nine, the Sidhe-seers) for one reason of another, left Mac, and us, with more questions then answers. 

The second arc of the series contains four books: Iced, Burned, Feverborn, and the forthcoming Feversong

Book 6, Iced, gave us a whole new lens with which to view Dublin, AWC (After the Wall Crash—thanks for the nifty term, Dani!), shifting away from Mac to the naive, impetuous, and endearing Dani O’Malley. Though the change to Dani’s point of view was jarring for some readers, I can’t think of someone better to introduce us to everyday life AWC than Dani who's down in the streets, living in the chaos. At least until the taciturn and dangerous(ly sexy) Ryodan makes it his business to keep the rambunctious firebrand alive (for reasons all his own).

Book 7, Burned, changed up the music again, giving us viewpoint on top of viewpoint as the world continues to go into freefall, taking Mac and the gang along for the ride. The devastating Hoar Frost King of Iced, has been defeated, but he’s left holes in the fabric of the world that are slowly spreading outward, growing as they consume. And to make matters worse, Dani is gone, and the red-headed living weapon that returns in her place, Jada, is had to reconcile with the vibrant girl she used to be. 

Finally, book 8, Feverborn, is the one that came along, ripped my heart out of my chest, and mashed it to a finer pulp than even Barron’s death at the end of Dreamfever managed to create. Feverborn traces the ongoing attempts of Dublin’s many factions to undo the chaos of their world. With the mysterious and possibly malicious “WeCare” lurking somewhere in the background, and the impending destruction of the world forcing even the ambivalent Nine to become heroes, Feverborn makes it instantly clear that this is a toss up. What comes next for Dublin, the world, and our beloved, morally questionable, cast of characters, is anybody's guess. 

And like Shadowfever, Feverborn left its readers with more questions than answers.  (NOT TO MENTION THAT TERRIFYING CLIFFHANGER. WHY KMM? WHY? You made me use my outside voice!)

5 Questions in Need of Answering Before The End... 

Iced by Karen Marie Moning

So I don’t know about you, folks, but here are a few things I need to know by the end of Feversong if I’m going to be able to let the Fever universe go with any kind of fangirl dignity: 

1) Who, or WHAT is Dancer?

This might seem like a small point for some readers, but this kid is freaking me out. Like so many of the characters in this series, Dancer is definitely more than he seems. Ryodan seems convinced that he’s human… but I think there’s more to it than that.

Even in the pale light of the moon, I could see Dancer was different. He seemed taller, and he’d been tall to begin with at a good six-foot-four. My gaze swept down to his feet. Gone were the usual tennis shoes, replaced by boots similar to those Ryodan and Barrons wore, adding an inch or so of height. Gone was the zip-up sweatshirt, traded for a rugged black military field jacket. His jeans were faded, his shirt a concert tee, but the overall impression he gave was several years older than the last time I’d seen him.

Dani/Jada also notices that Dancer looks different, but both she and Mac pass it off as him trying to match Dani/Jada age for age. I’m not buying it. Honestly at this point in the series I’m more surprised when someone IS human.

2) The Secret of the Nine.

OKAY. We’ve had eight books, and Feversong will make nine. (There you go, NINE.) So it’s time. I don’t know about you, but I NEED to know what’s up with the Nine. As we’ve seen in Feverborn it’s possible for the Nine to create others like themselves, as evidenced by Ryodan saving Daegus Mackeltar from death. So what ARE the Nine? Where do they come from? How were they created? And what is this mysterious Tribunal that kept getting mentioned in Feverborn? More importantly, what threat do the Tribunal pose to our boys in black? (They would KILL me for calling them that...)

“You fucking turned him,” Lor growled. “What the fuck is so special about him? And you killed me just for getting a little uninterrupted time in the sack and fucking Jo!” He snorted. “Aw, man, this is so gonna go tribunal. You should have let him die. You know what the fuck happens!”

What was tribunal? I knew what the word meant but couldn’t fathom who might serve as the Nine’s court of law. Did this mean they’d turned humans in the past? If so, what had the tribunal done with them? It wasn’t as if they could be killed.

3) Song in a Box.

The music box. I’m with Mac on this one, wondering if it could really be that simple. Could the “Song of Making”, which might be their only chance to stop the black holes consuming the world, really be contained in the jeweled box that Mac compulsively pilfered from the White Mansion? If not, then what IS in the box? 

I spun back around and stared at it, nestled on my shelf, stunned. The sides were elaborate gold filigree, the lid a lustrous pearl encrusted with gems, each winking with a tiny inner flame. It squatted on ornate legs, half the size of a shoe box. More gems were embedded in the sides and each held a small swaying fire. The lid was attached with diamond-crusted hinges. There were no locks, and somehow I knew it had other ways of protecting itself.

Was I looking at the box that held the Song of Making?

Could the solution to our problems of the black holes be so simple? Had someone, long ago, tucked the all-powerful melody away and concealed it directly beneath the future Seelie queen’s nose? If so, why?

Good questions, Mac. But some answers would be nice.

Burned by Karen Marie Moning

4) Is it love or just plain creepy?

While we’re on the topic of the White Mansion: What’s going on with the Unseelie King and his Concubine/the dethroned Seelie Queen Aoibheal? We saw some of their struggle in Burned, and from the few pages that we got in Feverborn it seems like she’s still planning to play along with the Unseelie King in order to save her people. 

She knew their situation was worse even than that. She’d sought the mythic song herself, striving to restore that colossal magic from which their race had sprung. She’d studied the legends. She knew the truth. The song called an enormous price from imperfect beings, and they all were, to varying degrees. There was no easy way forward. It would cost her many things. 

But she knew something else, too: a thing not even the Unseelie king knew. If she were able to manipulate and seduce him into saving Dublin, thereby her court, the price demanded would be levied most harshly against him.

Which is...ominous. But something tells me that, for better or worse, these two are going to be back in a big way in Feversong when all this comes to a head.

5) Shazam (AKA the most heartbreaking thing EVER in this entire series).

I still can barely talk about Shazam, and what Ryodan found when he followed Dani into the burning Abby during Cruce’s little Sidhe-seer BBQ. Like Ow. You want to set me off? Look at me and say the words: “I see you, Yi-Yi.” But is Shazam real? Dani/Jada seems to think so. When she and Mac are strapped to the tables at the end of Feverborn, awaiting the Sweeper's “repairs”, she insists that Shazam is real. She even makes Mac promise to go back through the silves and find the real Shazam if Dani/Jada dies at the Sweeper's hands. But the way that she describe her fuzzy friend to Mac suggests to me that there might be something more going on here (something which my reader’s gut tells me is going to hurt my heart again… a LOT):

He loves me. He never said it but I know. It’s what he means when he says he sees me. And I can’t let him down. I can’t fail him. You have to tell him you see him, okay? Just keep telling the air that you see him. He’ll come out. And if I don’t make it, Mac, you have to love him. Promise me you’ll take care of him.

I have my theories about this passage and believe me, if I’m anywhere near right you’re going to get an appreciation post for the heartbreaking genius of Karen Marie Moning.


See! There’s SO MUCH we don’t know yet and there’s only the one book left to get us to the end! I can already foresee some laughter and a lot of tears. 

What what about YOU? What answers do you need from Feversong? Are you ready to say goodbye? Do you think we’ll finally get a HEA, or at least a Happily For Now? What are your theories about all the unknowns? What do you think the secret of the Nine is? Do you think Shazaam’s a real koala-lynx creature, or is it all in Dani/Jada’s head?

But the biggest question I have for you is: How many days until release day!?!?'


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