Dec 22 2016 8:03am

Do You Have Any Reading Related Items on Your Wish List?

We hope that your bookshelves don't look anything like this one... but we'd totally understand if they do! If it does look like this then you may have a book shelf on your wish list this year, or some other organizational tool! Do you have any book related items on your list? Did you request some of your TBR pile to be wrapped up for you? Or maybe a new e-reader? 

Tell us what's on your list!

Note: The Morning Coffee daily post will be taking a brief hiatus and returning on Monday, December 26. 

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1. Kareni
I have only books and more books; no gadgets. There are some wonderful t-shirts and scarves and jewelry for book lovers which are quite tempting.
2. Kahintenn
I've been thinking about springing for one of the new, less expensive Nook tablets. I have a Nook First Edition that barely works, but I do all my reading on the iPad using the Nook app...and some of my older Nook books won't translate. I thought it would be worthwhile to keep some version of a Nook around so that I have access to my entire Nook library. Of course, I'll have to verify first that the new Nook will indeed give me access to all my Nook books.
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