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A Dark Past Leads to a Happy Future in Cynthia Eden’s Taken

Taken by Cynthia Eden

Bailey Jones survived a serial killer against all odds, but the nightmare isn’t over. However, with the help of LOST’s (Last Option Search Team) very own Asher Young, she’s not alone this time. Bailey is tired of being seen as a victim who can’t move on from the past and Asher is more than willing to help her in that regard as a victim of violent crime himself. But is Bailey hallucinating the victim she helped get away from a deadly killer?

As a master of romantic suspense, Cynthia Eden winds a mesmerizing tale of mystery and romance in the fifth installment of the LOST series. Not only does the main plot of tracking another of the Death Angel’s victims keep readers guessing to the end but the personal mysteries of each character actually drive the hero and heroine closer together. Asher and Bailey, both victims of bloody crimes, aren’t interested in hiding their past. That would be impossible with the media following their every move. Instead, they’ve embraced it and they’re taking control of their lives. Together.

As an ex-Navy SEAL, Asher is intense, cerebral, and ready to fight to the death for what he believes in. And he believes in Bailey. Forged from a brutal past, he’s got nothing to prove, but everything to lose once he sets sights on her. She’s a survivor—nothing less—but with increasing numbers of bodies surfacing around their hunt for Bailey’s missing victim, Asher fights to put aside his desire to protect her. In vain.

“I won’t do anything,” he told her, voice grating. “I’m not going to pressure you for anything. Look, I know I overstepped. I just—I needed to tell you—”

“Why won’t you do anything?

Now his mouth dropped open in shock.

“Is it because of what happened to me?” Now anger flashed across her face. “Because I’m some victim? Too delicate to handle a lover?”

“What? Shit, no. That’s not it at all.” She’d just said she hadn’t been looking—

“Then what is it?”

Bailey might’ve hired him to find a missing Death Angel victim, but she isn’t just going to sit back and watch the investigation unfold. She’s tired of being told what to do, when to do it, and how she should react. By the sheriff, her shrink, her ex-boyfriend. She’s not damaged. She wants her life back and she’s willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

With a broad cast of characters and a growing suspect list, Cynthia Eden takes readers on a wild and treacherous ride through the investigation into the Death Angel’s last victim. This journey of new beginnings keeps readers guessing until the end while the chemistry between the hero and heroine draws them in a story readers won’t soon forget.  


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Award-winning author Nichole Severn writes dark paranormal romance and thrilling romantic suspense. She’s the grand prize winner of the 2014 Heart of the West Contest from the Utah Romance Writers of America Chapter and a psychology graduate from Utah Valley University.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent most days at her grandmother’s house watching X-Men, Married with Children and The Simpsons, Nichole migrated to the Salt Lake City valley to live life as a full-time Romance author.

She resides with her very supportive and patient husband, as well as her terrorist of a toddler, in Utah. When she’s not writing, she’s constantly injuring herself running, rock climbing, practicing yoga, and snowboarding.

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