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Do You Like Slow Burns?

by Jennifer Proffitt
Sun Dec 18
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Fri Dec 16

What Book Defied Expectation?

by Jennifer Proffitt
Thu Dec 15
Wed Dec 14
Tue Dec 13

Cookie and Book Pairings?

by Jennifer Proffitt
Mon Dec 12

Best Romances of 2016: 32 of the Love Stories We Couldn’t Shut Up About

by Jennifer Proffitt, Teddy Pierson, Heather Waters and Jen Wattley
Sun Dec 11
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40 is the New 30: 10 “Seasoned” Romances Featuring Characters Who Are 35+

by Scandal, Natasha Moore, Karen Booth, Patricia Kiyono, Alexa Rowan, Linda Rettstatt, Shana Gray, Morgan Malone, Josie Kerr and Sela Carsen
Tue Dec 6

9 Signs Your Romance Is About to Become a Horror Story

by KJ Charles, Roan Parrish, Steve Berman, Avon Gale, Kris Ripper and J.A. Rock
Mon Dec 5
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Sat Dec 3
Fri Dec 2

How Flawed Is Too Flawed?

by Jennifer Proffitt
Thu Dec 1