Nov 21 2016 9:12am

What Are Your Reading Travel Essentials?

Many Americans will be packing up their bags this week to join friends and family for the Thanksgiving weekend. However that means making one of the hardest travel decisions there is: what to read. many people take this time to catch up on their magazine reading, while others load up their e-readers and get ready to relax, and some don't pick up any books because between family and Black Friday sales, no one has time for a book (we don't know these people but we hear they exist).

When it's time to pack up for a trip, what do you bring? Paper or e-books? An old favorite to get you through a tough week with family or new books to inspire?

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1. Scarlettleigh
You know sometime it better to take a actual book. A relative of mine just got out of the hospital, so I came to help. Packed my Kindle, packed my laptop and of course have my mobile with kindle app.

They are older --but do have high speed internet but no wi-fi set up. Their internet is connected directly to their computer.

I haven't pulled their CPU out but I see no USB connections. on the front. So I can read only the books that are on the device, not in the cloud --which are not my new ones.

I have other relatives in the area --so all is not lost. I assume some of them will have a more modern set-up. But until I visit them I'm bookless unless I want to re-read.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I'm in the "more is better" camp. I always pack an actual book just in case I run out of power. I also load at least 5 new books on my Kindle. But the most important part is that I have about 50 favorites in my Kindle that can be pulled up and re-read in case of emergency.
3. Kareni
I only have (cough, cough) about 700 books on my Kindle. That said, I'm always fearful of an electronics failure or the updeate that emptied my Kindle (yes, it happened). Thus, I also carry at least a paper book (or two or five).
4. MelM
I always assume I won't have wifi access and download 4x the number of books I could possibly read onto my tablet. As my prime backup I stick a few favorites onto my phone. As secondary backup I take some embroidery. I'd rather not read at all than deal with a paper lump these days. They look so pretty on the shelf and are so clumsy to use.
5. lauralee1912
When I travel for business, I usually treat myself to a paperback from my Amazon Wish List. I like to read on paper in the hotel because I have been looking at screens all day. I bring my Kindle along, with its big TBR file, just in case.

On vacation or for family travel, I always over predict how much reading time I'll have! I make sure I have plenty to read in the Kindle TBR file and take along a paperback, just in case. I usually end up buying a book or two locally, reading them, and my TBR file keeps growing.
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