Nov 2 2016 11:00am

Sarah MacLean The Day of the Duchess Stepback Reveal

Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

Today we're thrilled to reveal the stepback for Sarah MacLean's The Day of the Duchess. Last week, we got to see the full cover, and the stepback is always a great surprise to find—especially in this case as it gives us a glimpse of the steaminess to come between estranged husband and wife, Seraphina and Malcolm, the Duke and Duchess of Haven! When you have a couple coming back together again—especially after everything this couple has been through—there needs to be a good grovel. Sarah MacLean is here today, too, to give us a sneak peek at just what Haven will need to do to win back his wife! Thanks, Sarah!

There are many many reasons to love this stepback. First, it's bananas
sexy. I mean, that hand, that back, that foot...where is that foot
going? *fans self* Second, for all its sexiness, it's so tremendously
romantic. The level of adoration that this hero is showing for this
heroine? It's just perfect. But for me, the best part about this
stepback is that it shows exactly what has to happen in this book.

The Day of the Duchess is the story of a marriage gone horribly, horribly
wrong. We first meet this couple at the start of the Scandal &
Scoundrel series in the first chapter of The Rogue Not Taken, when
they are knee-deep in loathing for each other. This book begins years
later, after both of their lives have been changed forever. Seraphina,
the heroine, turns up demanding her freedom, and the hero, Haven, has
to prove his worth to her. In doing so, he's going to have to give up
everything he's ever wanted. He's going to have to get down on his
knees. He's going to have to worship her. In short, he's going to have
to grovel. And that's why I love this stepback so much—he's so
devastated by their past—and so desperate for their future. I love

The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

The Day of the Duchess is set to hit shelves June 27, 2017, and we can't wait! Learn more about what's ahead for Seraphina and Haven:

The one woman he will never forget…

Malcolm Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven, has lived the last three years in self-imposed solitude, paying the price for a mistake he can never reverse and a love he lost forever. The dukedom does not wait, however, and Haven requires an heir, which means he must find himself a wife by summer’s end. There is only one problem—he already has one.

The one man she will never forgive…

After years in exile, Seraphina, Duchess of Haven, returns to London with a single goal—to reclaim the life she left and find happiness, unencumbered by the man who broke her heart. Haven offers her a deal; Sera can have her freedom, just as soon as she finds her replacement…which requires her to spend the summer in close quarters with the husband she does not want, but somehow cannot resist.

A love that neither can deny…

The duke has a single summer to woo his wife and convince her that, despite their broken past, he can give her forever, making every day


Learn more about or pre-order a copy of The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean, available June 27, 2017:

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I feel like I'm intruding on a very private moment between them. Beautiful art! And oh, I cannot wait to see the groveling...
2. momof3boysj
ooh, that cover! I cannot wait for the story!!!

3. Renee1
Great to see more details!

I'm having trouble remembering...wasn't Sera pregnant in the first book? Did something happen to the baby? Otherwise, why does he need an heir?
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Renee1 -- I thought so too... Maybe she had a daughter who can't inherit his title? Hope nothing happened.
5. Renee1
Ok, thanks for backing me up! I was so confused!

I was kind of assuming it had to be a girl too. Unless something tragic did happen...which only adds to the odds stacking against them!
6. JosieC
@Renee1, I also rememeber her being pregnant in the first book, too. I hope nothing happend to the child or that she had a girl.

Now, back to the topic. That's a beautiful stepback. I can't wait for this one to come out. I've already preordered it and the release day can't come soon enough.
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