Nov 4 2016 7:04am

Nora Ephron or Nora Roberts?

They are the queens of romance... one, the romantic comedy; the other, the romance novel. However, we like asking the tough questions... if you had to pick a “Nora,” which Nora would you pick? The Queen of the Romantic Comedy (Nora Ephron) or the Queen of the Romance Novel (Nora Roberts)?

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1. Scarlettleigh
Romantic comedy for me wins everytime. There is no contest. . .

Although Nora Roberts does use some romantic comedy scenarios. In one of the Sea Swept series books the social worker heroine asked the hero to pee on her rose bushes so the deer won't eat them. . . and Vision in White has a lot of cute scenarios. . .

So I do think both authors incorporate drama and comedy in their books.
2. ErinMickC
Nora Roberts for sure. I find something new in her books each time a do a reread of my favorites.

I like romantic comedies, but I much prefer to sit down with a book and enjoy at my own pace and in my own imagination.
4. Nightlight
Aww, Nora Ephron gets my vote! I've lost count of how many times I've watched, You've got Mail :-).
5. lauralee1912
Another vote for Nora Ephron. "Michael" and "My Blue Heaven" are family favorites.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
I literally cannot process this question. Does. Not. Compute.
Carmen Pinzon
8. bungluna
Roberts hands down. I am in that minority that does not find Ephon either comic or romantic.
9. cicatricella
La Roberts! Nora Ephron has her moments but Nora Roberts wins for me every time.
11. susan59srw
Nora Roberts is for me. I like romantic suspense and that sometimes bit of magic. I have really enjoyed her trilogies.
12. Edwina Brown
Nora Roberts, no contest. I'm a voracious reader and a sporadic movie watcher.
Sandy Pochapin
14. Sandypo
Nora Ephron, no conrest! I love Nora Roberts' books but Ephron made me laugh out loud.
Sharen March
15. fluffyamber7
N. Roberts as J.D. Robb, as a whole series. Watching BONES on tv, I realized that "Bones" reminds me of Eve Dallas.
16. bekkalynn
Nora Roberts!! Hands down. While I will admit the scene in When Harry met Sally, in the diner is classic, I have re-read Nora Roberts books many, many times and each time I find something new in the story. Her series, Inn Boonsboro is probably the best of her series. The characters are heartwarming and real, the dialouge is witty and fast paced and the mother of the three sons, well, she is the kind of mom everyone should have. Throw in the resident ghost and you have a great read.
Felicia Fallon
17. Uber Romance Reader
Romantic comedy does it for me every time, whether in books or in movies. Ms Roberts is one of my very favorite authors, an auto-buy for me. I find that she incorporate quite a bit of humor in her novels.
18. Diane Benefiel
Nora Roberts, definitely. I enjoy Nora Ephron's romantic comedies, but they can't compete with the MacGregor series, Montana Sky, The Witness - all on my keeper shelf.
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