Nov 17 2016 9:02am

If I Read One More...

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We all love a trend. Sometimes it can spawn a new slew of really great books and other times, well, one too many people have hopped on the band wagon. If this sounds at all familiar, fill in the blank: “If I Read One More______!”

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1. Scarlettleigh
It seemed like last year everytime I picked up a contemporary the plot device was built around the fact that the hero and heroine just wanted a sexual relationship not anything more.

I called it the "scratch the itch" plot. Hero and heroine decide that since they have explosive chemistry why not sleep together until it fades. . .

Of course they fall in love. It is not a bad plot. I'm sure that many relationships start out this way. . . but it was very much an overused one. It seemed like every contemporary book that I picked up had this one.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
You know when you go to a restaurant and you have a really rich great dessert and you love it and then you have one bite... and it's one bite too many. That's how I feel about the virginal ingenue. I honestly am still very okay with the virgin but in the modern age, I can't understand one that isn't a little more clued in and I find it hugely annoying.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
The gorgeous, alpha billionaire makes me run in the opposite direction! All I saw in contemporary romances were these supposed young gorgeous self-made billionaire heroes. I want an accountant hero (or dentist, or anything else that's more grounded in real life.)
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@bungluna, for an accountant hero, I love to recommend Drop Dead Gorgeous by Jennifer Skully. The hero is so deliciously average and the heroine is a great foil for him
6. Ana257
Hi! I'm so tired of the handsome, sexy and broken hero, BDSM club owner, who just wants to "play" with the ingenue and gorgeous heroine (who never heard of the"lifestyle" before meeting him).
Mary Lynne Nielsen
7. emmel
@bungluna, check out Kiss the Cook by Jacque D'Allesandro. The hero really is an accountant, and it's a major plot point!
8. Heather RR
This one's not romance but YA that has an interesting concept for 1 book but insists it must be at least 3 books.
Maggie Boyd
9. maggieboyd66
@Heather RR - I second the complaint on trilogies.

Small town romances. There are just far too many of them on the shelves.
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
@emmel - Thanks for the recommendation. Never enough books to read. :D

@maggieboy66 - small towns with interfering seniors and single, young hot sheriffs. Ugh!
11. LexD
I'm so over sexy alpha billionaire entrepreneurs. Ditto Navy SEAL heroes although the latter actually exist in Real Life.
Sandy Pochapin
12. Sandypo
I'm with LexD. You'd think billionaires were everywhere they way romance authors have embraced them. Sheesh! Have you ever met one? Warren Buffett may be a wonderful man, but he isn't sexy!
13. C.
Second-chance romance. I want the slow build. When the characters already know everything about each other I feel cheated.
15. Lolane
I'm over the alphole, angry boner type of hero. The one who pushes the heroine so far you feel cheated and underwhelmed when his 'redemption' moment finally comes around (too little and too late).
16. SpiritedMuse
I'm jumping on that band wagon about over the billionaire alpha books. I haven't read any. But it seems like since 50 Shades was such a hit, every where you turn, some overly rich dude is out to dominate, save, or redeem somebody or other. And it just leaves me 24/7 and 365 days of ticked off. Enough already.
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