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How Would You Choose a Book to Make a Book Craft?



Libros que echan a volar tu imaginación. #bookcraft #paperart #papercraft

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Pinterest and Instagram are full of book inspired crafts to make any bibliophile's home or work space that extra bit of cozy... However, it often means destroying a beloved book. Or any book, really! Do you think you could do it, in the name of art? How would you choose what book to make a book craft out of? Have you have made a book-related piece of art of jewelry?

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1. Nightlight
What? This has to be illegal! I don't think I could do this to any book( if the book was beyond repair and I was trying to salvage some part of it(well then maybe)).
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Like @Nightlight said, if the book were beyond repair (and I've read some mass market books so many times that the pages start to fall out of the spine, so I could see it happening), I could do it. And review copies are meant to be recycled after reading, so I could see using one of those.
Manda Collins
3. mandacollins
As an author I would totally cheat and use the millions (only a slight exaggeration) of ARCS of my own books I have laying around. I'm not comfortable giving them away because they're not finished products, but they're books so they'll totally work for crafts! Win!
alexander hollins
4. alexander hollins
I have done arts and crafts with paperback, hardcover, kids books, comic books.

Just... ones that are common. Lots of copies. Not first editions. Or, if first editions/ runs, one where they printed a million of them.
alexander hollins
5. EC Spurlock
Things like this horrify me(especially as e-books gain traction and physical books decline) yet at the same time I can appreciate the ingenuity.

On the other hand, when there are fewer physical books it might make my antique book collection worth something again, so...
Wendy the Super Librarian
6. SuperWendy
In the disaster moive, The Day After Tomorrow, the high school kids are trapped in the New York Public Library and realize they'll need to burn books for heat - which, naturally, horrifies the librarians. While looking at what to burn one of the kids finds a whole section on tax law - and voila!

Book crafts always remind me of that scene in that movie. There's always the tax laws. ARCs, 30-year-old encyclopedias, outdated medical or legal textbooks etc. all ideal for crafting IMHO.
alexander hollins
7. GrandmereLynne
Only if the book was damaged beyond repair. Or maybe some of my outdated textbooks!
alexander hollins
8. 23chrissy
I turned a fiction book that I had to read that for a course in college class into a doorstop to make it worth the money I had to pay for it. To avoid the wrath of those who like this author and book, I decline to name it.
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