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First Look: Sandra Hill’s Good Vampires Go to Heaven (November 29, 2016)

Sandra Hill
Good Vampires Go to Heaven (Deadly Angels #8)
Avon Books / November 29, 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

In the Deadly Angels series, vangels (Viking vampire angels) attempt to prevent Lucipires (demon vampires) from turning sinning humans into demons before they have a chance at redemption. 

Zebulon (Zeb), a Lucipire caught spying against his own for the vangels in the hopes of joining the ranks of the good guys, has spent a year imprisoned by Jasper, the Lucipire leader, enduring endless physical torture. A visit from Satan results in mental torment being added to the repertoire.   

Regina, a vangel witch, tired of playing second fiddle to all of the male vangels, decides rescuing Zeb may be her ticket out of the lower ranks, despite vangel leader Vikar’s admonition not to do so. Infiltrating Jasper’s castle, Horror, Regina finds not only Zeb, but also three Lucipire witches, who tell her they will help her free Zeb if she agrees to take them with her. Believing she will figure out a way to leave the trio behind when the time comes, Regina reluctantly agrees to the deal.

Unfortunately for Regina and Zeb, the escape sets into motion events that has even the Archangel Michael upset...

A defining feature of Hill’s books has long been quirky characters, and Good Vampires Go to Heaven continues that tradition. Engaging as the two protagonists prove, the three Lucipire witches—Grimelda, Patience, and Beau—add enjoyment and genuine humor to the narrative.

Zeb was out on the deck, absorbing the sun’s healing rays. He lay on a floral cushioned chaise lounge, made of natural cane by his own hands at one time, thank you very much, during an idle period twenty or so years earlier when he’d fancied himself a woodworker. That was after his yoga period (meditation hadn’t done crap for him , except make him more depressed), but before he’d turned to farming...and thus the overgrown garden he had outside the cottage, up on the hill, being weeded at the moment by Grimelda, who might be very well pot for all he knew from the myriad seeds she carried in her bag. Or some kind of poison plant to put in the ever-boiling cauldron, aka his former canning kettle...that she had placed on his patio barbecue.

Patience was probably in the rain forest shower in his bathroom, depleting their water supply, again...As a Puritan, Patience had never experienced such luxuries before. And, as a lower-level Lucipire with no warrior skills, she’d never left Horror. A sheltered life, so to speak. But, no, he could hear her clanging pots and pans in the kitchen, preparing lunch, no doubt. She was probably wearing a bikini, also something new to her once modest lifestyle...Zeb would have no more curtains or tablecloths left if she kept sewing up more of the skimpy outfits. She even made one out of the fabric of a broken red patio umbrella...Not that she’d ever gone swimming at all, or even knew how to swim, for that matter.

As for Beau, Zeb could hear him, cursing and banging away, up on the roof where he was bound and determined to get some TV reception from the antenna. The boy yearned for a ball game, or even an old episode of Swamp People. Zeb referred to him as a boy, even though he wasn’t that much older in human years, but he had him by centuries, even thousands of years, in Lucipire time.

Romance readers looking for laughs and an interesting premise in the mix should enjoy this latest installment in the Deadly Angels series.  

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