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First Look: Meredith Wild’s Over the Edge (November 22, 2016)

Over the Edge by Meredith Wild

Meredith Wild
Over the Edge (Bridge Series #3)
Waterhouse Press / November 22, 2016 / $15.99 print, $7.99 digita

I’m always a sucker for a good ménage story and Over the Edge by Meredith Wild delivers in spades. Not only does the attraction sizzle, the complications ring true of embracing a polyamorous relationship in a society that still covets monogamy. Olivia, Will, and Ian didn’t enter into their understanding with the intent of having a poly-loving committed relationship. Rather, the opposite is true. Olivia is supposed to be a temporary itch to be scratched. But love doesn’t always make sense, nor does it listen to our intentions.

Olivia Bridge is learning to hold her own, without the parachute of her entitled childhood. Her brothers have managed to make it solo without their parents’ money, but for Olivia, cutting the cord has been a bit harder. Working with her brother, she has creative say over their new fitness building. However, she butts heads with their financial backer, Will Donovan. Will is cocky, arrogant, dominating, and wants Olivia in his bed. And Will usually gets what he wants.

Wooing Olivia proves a bit more difficult at first, but once he has one taste of Olivia, he’s unable to move on.

With a soft push against the car, Will had our bodies nearly touching.

“Will—” I gasped.

His heated gaze lowered to my lips. “If you won’t give me an answer tonight, how about a kiss?”

“No.” My voice was soft and uncertain.

“Dare I ask why?” He leaned in but didn’t make contact. His breath puffed softly against my cheek. His cool and woodsy scent drifted over me, making an indelible imprint on my senses.

Definitely not what Will intended.

I hadn’t wanted to give her time to think. But the less impulsive part of me knew her surrender would be all the sweeter if she could talk herself into it and save me the guilt. No room for regret. Still, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle seeing her again if the answer was no. I wasn’t used to getting shot down.

Olivia eventually gives in to Will’s demands, no longer able to deny the smoldering that festers whenever they are within similar proximity. Even though no-strings sex has its appeal, Will and Olivia plunge deeper into a complication they may not want to escape.

I’d forgotten all the harsh words that had left Will’s lips the second they touched mine. Because his kisses were magic. Unexpectedly soft and slow. Full of restraint and a tenderness I’d never expected he was capable of. I sighed into them, letting myself fall into the pleasure of his touch. He tangled his fingers in my hair and then roamed over my body, touching and teasing.

The drugging sweeps of his lips made me dizzy.

Will and Olivia’s web increases in complexity when Ian Savo enters the mix. Ian’s been attracted to Olivia since he met her through Olivia’s brother Darren. Darren knows the type of man Ian is and makes it well known that if Ian even looks at his sister, Darren will be pissed. More complications arise when we realize that Ian saved Darren’s life, and Will and Ian occasionally share their women. Now that Will is with Olivia, how can Ian stay away? And what happens to everyone’s trust and friendship when Olivia also falls for Ian?

One look at Ian’s shirtless tattooed body had me clenching in places that were already very well used. And even if I’d only spent a night with Will, somehow those places already seemed to belong to him. But did they?

I brought my hand to my mouth, trying to ignore the tingle in my lips that Ian’s closeness had inspired. Like the truly wanton creature I’d become, I had wanted him to kiss me. There was no doubt.

With two very protective older brothers, Olivia is caught in a tangle of secrecy, frustration, confusion, and love. Because how could she fall in love with two very different men? And would her friends and family, let alone the rest of society understand?

I swoon with Olivia as she falls in love, feel the fear spike throughout my skin once the cat is out of the bag, grieve with her as she works through the expectations of her family, her lovers, and her own wants and desires. The complications feel real, the emotions intense, and the triad works. Over the Edge is definitively my favorite of this series, and how awesome that Meredith Wild ends the series with such a gem.


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