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First Look: Beth Kery’s Looking Inside (November 1, 2016)

Looking Inside by Beth Kery

Beth Kery
Looking Inside
Berkley / November 1, 2016 / $16.00 print, $7.99 digital

If you like beautifully written, human, emotional stories that are perfectly nuanced, this is the book for you. Looking Inside has it all. Readers of contemporary and erotic romance, this is the book you've been waiting for. 

Trey ... might be the most perfect romance hero ever. I mean. Ever. He's a business mogul—but it's believable because he's in tech. Or, that's how he made his money. The how and why of it also makes sense—he was interested in music and connection, and combined the two. (Is it a bit of a rip off Facebook? Yes, but hey—at least it's believable and everyone is always telling me to suspend disbelief for romance, so there you go. This is me... suspending disbelief.) He's self-deprecating, but self-aware too. He's a good guy—and written very realistically. 

Looking Inside is a book you might want to read in the privacy of your own home—not because you'll be embarrassed by anything about it—but it is hot. You might find yourself blushing, fanning yourself, reaching for some ice water ... It is achingly erotic. While Looking Inside is seriously sexy, I think it might also be one of the most romantic books Beth Kery has written. It's obvious that there's a connection between Eleanor and Trey.

However, even more than the insane chemistry and scorching hot sex, this book is fun. It takes you from the inception of a relationship through the gaffes and uncertainties, the building of it—to something that is true and lasting. Trey and Eleanor like each other. It goes from first impressions, to the dynamic, incredibly well rounded and delightful people they truly are. Trey is “just a Midwestern boy” and Eleanor is not simply a mousy, nerdy librarian. She's passion and fire, and he's beyond all the billionaire trappings—down to earth and sweet. 

There's also their families, real life, work, various other factors that give Looking Inside depth and layers. Trey's relationship with his family, and the conversation he has with his brother. The every day tragedies that Eleanor has to deal with, and how both she and Trey respond to them. This is a book with substance. 

I loved this book. I basically loved everything about it. I love the depth and development of the characters and stories.  It made me feel Chicago during the holidays. Beth Kery's books make me wish I lived in Chicago. The nuanced setting is an underlying factor, but for the characters—for the story—the crushing uncertainty and various faux pas both characters experienced. It was a complete development of the relationship that developed organically, and beautifully. It made sense in a way that was engaging, entertaining, and inviting. 

Ms. Kery has a magic way of getting into character's heads so you're right there with them - living their experiences through the page.  

Reading this book made me happy. I've already started re-reading it and I see myself re-reading it many times in the future. Looking Inside may very well be my favorite book from 2016. I absolutely cannot wait for more stories like this one. I'm always fascinated by how a romantic relationship comes together, getting into the character's heads and looking for things to make sense and be believable while people are falling in love, and Looking Inside presents that in the perfect package. 


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