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First Look: Alison Bliss’s Size Matters (November 29, 2016)

Size Matters by Alison Bliss

Alison Bliss
Size Matters (A Perfect Fit #1)
Forever / November 29, 2016 / $5.99 print, $3.99 digital

The start of a new series by Alison Bliss, Size Matters continues her tradition of hilarious rom-coms. Size Matters tackles sensitive subjects like weight, low self-esteem and overbearing families with funny lines and relatable characters. Size Matters pulls at your heartstrings and your belly will be hurting from the amount of laughs you’ll have while reading.

Leah owns a bakery and comes from a family that means well except that her mother is extremely pushy, often. She may not be at the perfect weight but she’s kind and witty and beautiful. Leah, like many of us, does not consider herself to be any of those things and is her toughest critic. This story was about an unlikely romance between Leah and Sam that ends up in a fake engagement but, it’s also a love story between Leah and herself.

Leah struggles to find her voice and to stand up to her critics and they are many in this book. She’s on the receiving end of a lot of weight comments so she makes disparaging jokes about herself as a defense mechanism against the naysayers. My heart broke for her and while yes, I was rooting for her to find love with Sam, I primarily wanted Leah to love and accept herself.  Which may be the hardest challenge of all.

Sam, our hero, manages to put his foot in his mouth for most of the story, despite his best intentions. He can’t ever seem to get it right and that made him so endearing. Sam who has his own construction business and is HOT isn’t sure how to navigate Leah’s waters but he tries, especially after they end up in a fake engagement. Even though Leah and Sam’s clumsy flirtations often lead to very awkward conversations, it lends a light to how easy it is to misconstrue a simple statement. Sometimes your insecurities are so loud it drowns everything else out.

Sam closed his lips around his first bite and moaned appreciatively with a sound that was purely orgasmic in tone. Leah glanced up at Nancy, who was staring at him in horror.

“What can I say? He loves my desserts,” Leah explained, taking a bite of her own slice of pie.

“I do, Sam agreed. “ I could eat your cherry pie all night long, if you’d let me.”

Leah choked, then quickly reach for her glass of wine.

Sam is the best thing to happen to Leah. Despite Leah’s hang-ups they also have great sexual chemistry. This book is hot! Their chemistry leaps off the pages and their awkward flirting leads to some hilarious moments. Sam also pushes Leah to let go and reach outside of her comfort levels including confronting some of the people who are the worst at needling her. He’s also really into Leah’s baked goods and she’s an expert baker.

“Sam, uh . . . has a thing about sweets.”


“No, I’m serious. When it comes to chocolate, he’s like a menstruating girl.”

Size Matters is more than just a rom-com it’s an ode to all those who hide behind their insecurities. It’s a love story between a girl and herself as well as finding the means to be strong on your own with the help of a supportive partner. 


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