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First Look: Jennifer Probst’s Searching for Disaster (October 10, 2016)

Searching for Disaster by Jennifer Probst

Jennifer Probst
Searching For Disaster (Searching For... #5)
Pocket Star / October 10, 2016 / $2.99 digital

Jennifer Probst closes out her Searching For series with this lovely novella. Searching for Disaster is everything that we’ve come to love about this series, while tying everything up in a neat bow. I’m just saying this for the record, my romance-addicted-self grieved a little…okay…a lot, when I learned this is the last of the Kinnections love matches.

Isabella MacKenzie is a walking disaster in her teens and early twenties. Always in the shadow of her siblings, and especially her twin sister, Genevieve (Searching for Beautiful), Izzy loses herself in the addictive clutches of sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Because the demons had come for her again. Tickling her skin, whispering in her ear. That empty ache in her gut urged her forward, to do something to forget and take away the restlessness consistently taunting her. A night of forgetful, rowdy sex would help. And this time, she wouldn’t take the drugs. She didn’t need them.

And she believed it, if not for a moment. If only she remained vigilant with her original conviction. Because a heartbeat later, she has a one-night stand with William Devine. The connection sparkles and both Izzy and Liam realize there is a special something-something between them. Something that transcends the physical, even though it was the physical that initially brings them together.

His words held no judgment, just truth. She relaxed. Already she’d shared more of herself than ever before. Why did it feel so right? As if they were protected in their own little bubble of comfort as they spoke? A cramped, plain dorm room ready to hold both of their secrets.

All would be perfect if she would just say yes to his crazy request of joining him in NYC, where he would train to be an officer in the police academy.

But herein lies our tragedy. The white powder already ensnares our heroine. Izzy is too insecure, in too much pain, and already addicted. She’s blinded to her own strength—a strength that Liam sees so clearly. But he knows he’ll never be able to compete with her addiction.

Six years later, Izzy is sober. She’s made amends with her family, and she’s now working at Kinnections. Huzzah!! And because all of our romances operate in a small world, Devine is Stone Petty’s partner (from Searching for Always). Stone declares it’s time for Devine to find a woman. Devine relinquishes, agreeing to an initial consult at Kinnections. Because maybe he’ll finally be able to get over the one that got away. The one who chose drugs over him. How serendipitous that she happens to be the receptionist at Kinnections.

His body seemed to shut down organ by organ. Stillness fell over him as he gazed at the woman who had been haunting his dreams for the past six years. His one-night stand that had been so much more.

And hence, the remainder of the story is what I love the best. How Liam woos Izzy, and how she fights the demons that caused so much havoc in her past. How Liam and Izzy are able to work through the decisions in their past and both realize—though at different times—that they are the best when they’re together. Instead of running away again, she can face the fear of love head-on. Yes, her addiction will always influence her life, but it doesn’t have to dominate. Izzy can finally realize that she deserves love, too. And that Liam loves all of her, including her past.


Izzy startled at the whiplash of his voice. “What?”

His gaze burned into hers. “You had a past. You’ve suffered for it. You’re clean now and doing everything you can to stay that way one day at a time. Don’t use it as an excuse to push me away.”

We understand Izzy’s concerns. We do. And we’re so stoked that Liam is ready to fight for their relationship. Because once Izzy realizes the truth in his words? It’s all over from there. With some added puppy shenanigans, Searching for Disaster is anything but a disaster. It’s love triumphant.


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