Oct 28 2016 2:00pm

Friday Beefcake: A Love Letter to Stranger Things’ David Harbour

Dear David Harbour,

We weren't sure what to think of your character at the beginning of Stranger Things. He was well on his way to being another jerk of a character who could've simply added to general lack of disbelief about the goings on in Hawkins, Indiana.

After all, your intial motto was coffee and contemplation. (Though we deeply respect anyone who loves coffee as much as we do.)


But then, something changed. We got to know Hopper. See him put his life on the line, got his back story, checked out the bod, and we were totally in. 

We don't know what kind of deal you struck with the powers that be at the end of the season, but we're interested to see what side Sheriff Hopper ends up on when we next meet in Hawkins. We're guessing based on the new trailers that things are going to be rough for Hop, but with the help of Joyce, and knowing that you're protecting those in your custody, we believe you can do anything. 

So here's to you David Harbour and your lovably grumpy portrayal of Sheriff Hopper. Have some coffee on us!


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Manda Collins
1. mandacollins
My first encounters with David Harbour were in his two appearances on Law and Order: Criminal intent. First as a murdery thief, then as a murdery family annihilator who can't quite manage to kill his daughter. So it's pretty weird to see him in a hero role, but boy does he clean up nice! I look forward to more of his sexy sheriff-ing!
2. s.bernardsanchez
Wonderfully written. The info provided was authentic no doubt.
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