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First Look: Asa Maria Bradley’s Viking Warrior Rebel (October 4, 2016)

Viking Warrior Rebel by Asa Maria Bradley

Asa Maria Bradley
Viking Warrior Rebel (Viking Warriors #2)
Sourcebooks / October 4, 2016 / $7.99 print, $4.99 digital

When I read and reviewed Asa Maria Bradley’s debut, Viking Warrior Rising, I thought it was a breath of fresh air for paranormal romance. I had seriously high expectations for the next in the series. Which were met. And surpassed.

Viking Warrior Rebel doesn’t waste any time and jumps right things, getting the action-packed ball rolling. Astrid is on a very important mission for her Viking Queen, and friend, Naya. She’s to bring home the Queen’s brother, who has been recuperating after escaping from a secret government lab. Things get complicated (as they do) when she runs into Luke, a memorable one-night stand.

TL;DR – I loved this book and you will too. You’ll stay up past your bedtime reading this one.  

What I especially enjoyed about this installment of the Viking Warriors series was the dueling secret identities of Astrid and Luke.  And on top of secret identities, they’re both keeping secrets about those secret identities from their secret bosses! Okay, I may have thrown in an extra secret in there, but it’s like a nesting doll set of secrets upon secrets up in here.

Astrid, a Valkyrie, is eager to prove herself to her Queen, the King, and the rest of her immortal Viking gang. You see, Astrid has been fighting to keep control during battles.

During the last few skirmishes with Loki’s creatures, Astrid had struggled to regain control over her berserker after the battle was over. She’d tried to hide it from the others, but the king was connected to all the warriors’ berserkers. And Naya felt what was going on with each warrior through her sjalsfrande bond, her soul-mate connection with the king.

Luke is an FBI agent who’s undercover as a nightclub owner. But he’s also in a super-secret branch of the FBI and his current partner doesn’t know. Oh, and he’s also keeping his unusually high interest in Astrid, who’s on the FBI’s radar, from his boss.

Luke hesitated. He hadn’t reported in for weeks and had known eventually the boss would track him down. … He had to give his boss something but would keep the details to himself. Until Luke could figure out exactly what Astrid was up to, there was no reason to involve people higher up the chain of command. The longer someone sat behind a desk, the more complicated they tended to make things.

Luke is also hiding this little gem of a secret: he knows more than his fair share about the secret government lab where Naya and her brother were held. He was there as well and has the supernatural skills to prove it.

The man was moving at a fast clip, too fast to be purely human. Luke quickly scanned the parking garage, but nobody else was around. No need for himself to keep to a human-only speed.

Are you lost? No worries, I’ll email you a handy org chart of secrets if need be. And we’re still only in the first one-third of the book!

I loved how all the secrets played out and I thought Astrid and Luke were a totally kickass and amazing couple. They’re vying for a spot in my Top 10 Favorite Romance Couples list. Their chemistry was off the charts and the heat between the two of them was enough to warm my cold New England feet, even while wearing flip flops in late September.

I’ll need the next installment ASAP, thank you very much. 


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