Oct 27 2016 7:30am

Do You Ever Struggle to Find Out Why a Book Doesn’t Work for You?

Today's Morning Coffee comes from reader Michelle99, who asked us if there any other readers ever struggle to identify why they don't like a book. Many times we can: the heroine is insufferable, the Big Misunderstanding shouldn't be as Big as it is... the list goes on! But what about when you just can't figure it out? What do you do then? Do you keep reading until you do figure it out in hopes the “problem” will resolve? Or do yo just add the book to your DNF pile?

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1. Scarlettleigh
Yes, sometimes it is a struggle. Why do some books grab your attention immediately and others you just struggle to get past the second chapter?

I think it boils down to being or not being able to relate to the characters; appreciation or lack of for the humor; interest in challenges facing the characters; (plot) and the writers choice of language. Of course I'm stating the obvious here. . .but sometimes what we don't like is so miniscule it's difficult to narrow it down. It's just that the book doesn't impress us.

Many books for me are a mixture of things I really like --then a plot device that I don't particularly care for and then a happy ending.
Or I like the characters, but the plot device doesn't seem that innovative. . . I struggle with the latter with my comfort read authors --I like their characters --their core values, their friendships, etc. but the plot and conflict seem recycled. . .
Lucy D
2. Lucy D
While I never struggle to figure out why I don't like a particular story, I find myself at a loss if I finish a book which I hated but I see other posts where it is being raved about. I start to wonder what did I miss?

The same goes in reverse. If I loved it and someone is ripping it apart, I can't help but think, why the hate?

It is interesting how we all get something different out of one story.
3. keen23
I tend to give up around the 100 page mark if the story just doesn't work for me. One specific book that has all the elements of being total catnip for me, yet I've never been able to get through it is (not a romance) Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

There are enough books in the world that I don't spend a lot of time on something I don't like. Reading is an escape for me, and if I don't like something, I just won't waste any extra time on it.
Lucy D
4. 23Chrissy
Sometimes its just because I'm not in the mood for that particular story. I've put aside books that didn't do it for me only to come back at a later time to try it again and find that I like and enjoyed it.
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