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Spend Your Season with Christi Caldwell

More Than a Duke by Christi Caldwell

As fall begins, I start to go back to reading about the Season, tea, waltzing, and gowns of the ton.  I long to escape to the mannerly world of the “ton” found in many historical romance novels. One such world I visit repeatedly is Christi Caldwell’s various series. There are many historicals out there, but some are definitely better than the rest. My criteria centers on characterization, passion factor, & storylines. If these three things are done well, I love it! Caldwell is one that never disappoints.

Characters have to have something with which to connect. I need to like the heroine without finding her flighty or wimpy. Caldwell’s characters are searching to find their own way and somehow bump into or get involved with the hero.  For example in More Than a Duke, Lady Anne asks Henry, the Earl of Stanhope, to teach her how to seduce a man.  From their first simmering kiss (done to keep her quiet in a garden) until a steamy consumation, they parry with each other brilliantly all the while fighting their attraction.  Her male characters are everything from rogues to damaged veterans from the Napoleonic wars.  They are always passionate and definitively sexy.  

In the Heart of a Duke series, each pair has a definite experience that varies from previous titles in the series.  From the main couple's’ personalities, to how they meet, when they give in to their attraction, and finally get through whatever scrape has occurred. I always enjoy a series where I meet the same characters throughout each. Caldwell does this artfully, as you don’t need to read the previous books. There is enough variety throughout this series so that the reader doesn’t feel like each book is similar to the last.  

Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride by Christi Caldwell

The Scandalous Season series focuses on young ladies and gentlemen who have dealt with some scandal in their lives and it affects their relationships.  The scenarios vary, but there is still the spark when the couples meet.  And throughout there are forbidden caresses, looks, and urges.

These are just two connections, but I have read from all of her series and find them just as fun and entertaining. 

One thing I really need to see is variation in characters. I don’t want the same type for each piece.  Not every man’s demons are the same, nor are the ladies all the same type.  

So if you are looking to escape into another time—consider any or all Christi Caldwell books!  


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Learn more about or order a copy of Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride by Christi Caldwell (first in The Scandalous Season Series), available now:

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