Oct 12 2016 10:00am

5 Reasons You Should Already Be Shipping Pitch’s Ginny/Mike (Bawson)

Pitch's Ginny & Mike

Why should you be shipping Pitch's Ginny and Mike?

I am unable to stop myself from shipping. Judge me all you like, but I am a shipper for life. At the crux of any television show I’ve ever loved, there have been relationships—people—that matter enough for me to be invested. This is the crux of my reading and television joy, and I’m not about to change it now.

If there looks to be life in a burgeoning relationship, if there are knowing looks and wistful smirks, if there’s history and the clear view of a future, I am so there.

My latest ship is Ginny Baker (played by Kylie Bunbury) x Mike Lawson (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar), aka Bawson, from the new show Pitch.

I simply cannot help myself. I usually have issues with ships where there are power differentials, but Pitch is basically magic. I’ve been invested in the future of Ginny x Mike and since episode one, and I’ve come up with a handful of reasons why I think their ship is going to be the one that I will sail on this television season.

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1. Ginny is unafraid to put Mike in his place


Ginny and Mike’s relationship got off to a bit of a rocky start, and I loved that from the jump, Ginny didn’t equivocate in her beliefs. She let Mike know that she wasn’t going to be played. She might be the rookie, but she’s also not going to let him put on a show for his friends. Their meeting on the pitch in the first episode where they trade butt slaps is the height of perfection. Way to establish you’re not to be trifled with, Ginny.

2. He doesn’t need to defend her, but he’s going to do it anyway


Ginny doesn’t need defending. She’s made it clear that she can stand up for herself; however, Mike isn’t keen to stand around and let people say whatever or treat Ginny any way that’s less than what he sees fit. He takes up for her; he gives her pep talks (which he congratulates himself on) he’s “blown away” but her. This is behavior out right out of epic ship 1x01.

3.    Their chemistry is fire


Kylie and Mark are a joy to watch on screen. What Ginny and Mike don’t say to one another, the subtle looks, the watching one another when the other is unaware, the quick, almost uncontrollable smiles are all what makes me need to watch them. I have to see how their dynamic plays out. I love watching them learn to trust one another.

4. He believes in her talent


It would be easy enough to write off Ginny as an anamoly, even as something of a gimmick, but Mike doesn’t do that. He knows she’s capable. He tells her that she’s the most talented rookie he’s even seen. He tells her that she blows him away. How am I not supposed to fall headlong into loving the two of them so much?!?

5. Mike was Ginny’s favorite rookie, and now she’s his


This bears repeating because it’s pretty significant—whether or not they know it, there’s a history there. Ginny looked up to Mike’s talent, and now hers floors him. He likes the knowledge that she used to have his poster on her wall, and that she carried his rookie card. There’s a mutual respect between the two of them, there’s a team within a team dynamic that happens between a pitcher and her catcher, and they have it in spades. The way they are with one another is significant, and I have a feeling Ginny just might break her rule about dating ball players.

After all, she’s got a thing for catchers.

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I'm just going to sit here and flail a little while longer. This show is SO GOOD
2. Cor
This ship has officially taken over my life! It's such a great dynamic and Mark-Paul and Kylie truley have something special. I look forward to seeing this ship sail and I hope we get more articles on them! Great job, Jen!
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
I already loved this post, and then came the fic recs, and it became EVEN BETTER.

How thrilling is it that we have all this shippy material after only three episodes? I mean, really. We are unworthy.
Jen Wattley
4. JenWattley
@JenniferProffitt-- I KNOW RIGHT?? It deserves all the flaily capslock

@Cor- you're a gem, thank you!

@HeatherWaters-- fanworks right off the bat. We really are just so lucky.
5. Karen K
I see them as more of a big brother - little sister dynamic.
Jen Wattley
6. JenWattley
@Karen K--to each their own. I certainly don't view it that way, though he's protective of her, which is appreciated. I also see way too much eye banging to ever put them in that category.
7. Alexis-Morgan Roark
I don't typically watch TV, but I just "binge-watched" all three episodes, and I'm hooked. Oh, and I ship it so hard it hurts.
8. Cor
It's been one day since this has been posted, and I've already re-read it ten times! I love them!
9. Reinamy C
Pitch is such a remarkable show, and the amazing chemistry between Mike and Ginny makes it even better. I wasn't planning on shipping anything when I started watching it--in fact, I was really determined not to--but as it happened...shipping Bawson became rather inevitable. I absolutely love their relationship. Everything about it--the mutual respect, the teasing, the banter, the way they just seem so in-sync with eachother, not to mention the sizzling chemistry between the two of them--is amazing.

I'm praying that bawson becomes the endgame canon ship, and that the writers don't screw it up. Ginny and Mike have the potential to be a healthy and happy couple and I desperately wish that for them. The fact that they would be an interracial pairing with a large age gap between them (something that I feel needs more positive rep) makes my investment in the pairing that much bigger. <3
Jen Wattley
10. JenWattley
@Alexis-Morgan Roark
Welcome aboard!! It's really fun here! ;)

I completely agree. I love how natural Ginny and Mike feel together, and I love that they're starting to seek one another out for comfort. Ugh, my heart can't handle it.
Heather Waters
11. HeatherWaters
@JenWattley -- The comfort-seeking just tips them right over the edge into OTP territory.

@Reinamy C -- Welcome! This is gonna be fun. :)
12. Irlandesa
Oh heck yes. I am prone to shipping but I don't always do so and I don't always ship the couple the writers seem to want me to ship.

But Mike and Ginny had me from the very first episode and since it was so early, #3 is the reason why. Sometimes writing makes chemistry grow. But sometimes, it's just there. With these two, it was just there from the get go and the writing hasn't let me down yet.

To think, you wrote this the day before the episode with that easy flirty bantering phone call. It killed me.
Jen Wattley
13. JenWattley
@Irlandesa-- that phone call!!! I still can't believe it's real and not a collective fever dream. We're so lucky.
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