Sep 16 2016 10:50am

Seraphina’s Hero Is Who?!: Scoop on Sarah MacLean’s The Day of the Duchess!

The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLeanWe've been speculating about the heroine of Sarah MacLean's third Scandal and Scoundrel novel, The Day of the Duchess, since even before the release of Book 2, A Scot in the Dark, last month. MacLean teased that we'd seen this particular heroine before, and we gave it our best guess. Turns out—we were right!

Seraphina, Duchess of Haven, is our leading lady. Which makes her hero...

Wait, could this possibly be right?

Stop reading now if you don't want ANY spoilers about the book...

***Spoiler Alert***

Will Seraphina fall in love (again?) with her own cheating husband, Marcus Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven?! The man Sera's sister Sophie discovered lending “assistance” to a woman other than his wife? The man Sophie then righteously pushed into a fish pond at the start of her own Scandal & Scoundrel story, The Rogue Not Taken?

It certainly looks that way. According to the newly released description, Seraphina and Marcus will return for The Day of the Duchess on April 25, 2017:

The one woman he will never forget…

Marcus Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven, has lived the last three years in self-imposed solitude, paying the price for a mistake he can never reverse and a love he lost forever. The dukedom does not wait, however, and Haven requires an heir, which means he must find himself a wife by summer’s end. There is only one problem—he already has one.

The one man she will never forgive…

After years in exile, Seraphina, Duchess of Haven, returns to London with a single goal—to reclaim the life she left and find happiness, unencumbered by the man who broke her heart. Haven offers her a deal; Sera can have her freedom, just as soon as she finds her replacement…which requires her to spend the summer in close quarters with the husband she does not want, but somehow cannot resist.

A love that neither can deny…

The duke has a single summer to woo his wife and convince her that, despite their broken past, he can give her forever, making every day...THE DAY OF THE DUCHESS

We have so many questions! Did Sophie misunderstand what she saw that day at the Countess of Liverpool's “legendary garden party of the 1833 season,” and—if so—will Marcus reveal a new side to the story? Or was Marcus truly cheating but now prepared to grovel for the rest of his life? And why did Marcus seem to doubt that Sera was pregnant with his child that day? Have the duke and duchess been laboring under Big Misunderstandings since their marriage began?

What do you make of this reveal? And are you, like us, now even more eager to see how Seraphina gets her HEA?

Shoutout to Romancing The Bookwoorm over at Tumblr for giving us the heads up that GoodReads had the description!


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2. TanyaLK
ack!! I just don't could be he's turned over a new leaf. It could be we'll find out more about their relationship prior to the *ahen* mishap. Or maybe it wasn't what it seemed, the Rogue Not Taken, it was pretty damning. I can't wait!!
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@Kareni -- Right?! We've gotta see how this ends.

@TanyaLK -- I helped Jen write this and went back to reread the part where Sophie finds him, and I have to say, in retrospect it seemed kinda vague what she actually SEES. Maybe I'm forgetting something we learned later, it's been a while since I read the book, but maybe the woman was trying to seduce him and that's what Sophie saw? And he didn't want to shame her? Or yeah, maybe he really is guilty of being a cad (not that it's any excuse, but from his comment about not being sure Sera's child was his, I'm guessing that maybe he thought she was sleeping with someone else and so he did too out of anger?) and we're going to get a great redemption arc. Can't wait!
Jessica Avery
4. RomancingtheBookworm
Thanks for the shout out, H&H!

I can't wait to see how MacLean's going to handle this situation. With her wit I don't doubt that she'll pull it off - but all I can say is this: I hope that Marcus is ready for a good, long, crawling on his belly, road to redemption. Old School Romance style. Like the penetential knights of old.

It's time for the Duke of Haven to get his grovel on.
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