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First Look: Lucy Farago’s Sins That Haunt (September 13, 2016)

Sins That Haunt by Lucy Farago

Lucy Farago
Sins That Haunt (Women of Las Vegas #4)
Lyrical Press / September 13, 2016 / $15.00 print, $5.99 digital

I admit, romantic suspense is the genre I read least often. Maybe it’s because I want to know “who-done-it” immediately. Or it’s because there’s typically some nefarious crime involved that borders on the line of too “scary” for me. Yes, I’m a wimp. However, Lucy Farago’s fourth book in her Women of Vegas series, Sins That Haunt, drew me in from the first page. Especially when FBI agent Noah Monroe falsely arrests his childhood sweetheart, attorney Shannon Joyce, for her father’s murder. Yep. That’s what I thought. Could he be any more of a douche? But, as with many romances, sometimes first impressions aren’t always accurate. And dang if Agent Monroe isn’t going to infest my dreams for some time to come.

Here’s what I love about Sins That Haunt—Farago unravels the entangled mystery with finesse. Who killed JJ Lewis, why they would kill him, and how he gets killed (love it by the way and no spoilers), all piece together like a Jenga tower. JJ spent his life as a con-man involved with some dangerous people, so it was just a matter of time before he was offed. At least that is what Shannon thinks. Moreover, the FBI’s been tracking JJ for some time, and they need Shannon in order to lure in some bigger fish JJ interacted with before his death. But Shannon wants nothing to do with her father’s illegal dealings, nor does she want to remember the pain of leaving her first love, Noah Monroe.

She wasn’t only running away from an abusive father and her part in a man’s death, she was forgoing the love of her life—him. She’d had no choice. They were so young. She assumed she’d get over him. And she had….Talking to him had been bad enough; seeing him had torn her in two. She’d nearly been dumb enough to throw her arms around him—then he’d arrested her.

Noah, though. He’s good. He’s especially good—working magic with his mouth—convincing her to stick around for the investigation and for him.

His lips were warm, and like so many times before she wondered what if. What if she hadn’t sacrificed the boy who’d vowed to love her forever? Had the words been said in teenage folly? Or could this man, the one kissing her like his very breath depended on his mouth staying pressed to hers, have been Shannon’s all this time?

And it’s not the male that needs convincing in this story, it’s Shannon. So hell bent on protecting herself, she doesn’t see that Noah is the real deal, here before her, ready to start over again. We want so badly for Shannon to say yes, because even though Noah tricked Shannon into helping with the investigation, Noah’s one of the good guys. He’s the hero we love, slightly flawed in a way that makes him almost perfect.

He wanted all these years between them to vanish, to never have known what it was like without her, but right now he’d settle for having her naked…He’d waited thirteen years to have her again. Thirteen years of mourning her loss. And he wouldn’t wait a second longer.

Yup, we don’t want him waiting any longer either.

As Noah and Shannon draw closer to the truth, the pages fly. Each character and their roles bring us closer until we finally find out who did what and why and how. I’m still able to read the story without needing a timeout Mickey Mouse playhouse to counteract some of the darkness involved with illegal crime, drugs, and murder. Throw in some curveballs—which mums the word—and it all comes together in the end. In all honesty, the last one hundred pages? Perfect chaos for me. Now I’m itching to read books one through three in her Women of Vegas series.


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1. Kareni
This does sound good, Tanya. Thanks for bringing this author to my attention.
2. TanyaLK
You're very welcome, Kareni! I couldn't put the book down, the second half of the story. Makes productivity, outside of reading, an all time low.
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