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Mapping Captain Swan’s Winding Road to Love in Once Upon a Time

Greetings, Captain Swan shippers. I'm here to share my favorite moments of our OTP and—dare I say—try to guess what's in store for them in Season 6.

Once Upon A Time is a show with a great ensemble cast. I truly love each and every character. But my love for Captain Swan runs deeper than the fiery lava of the twisted Underworld Storybrooke.

Let's take a look back at the evolution of my favorite TV heroine and antihero-turned-hero-turned-antihero-turned-hero-again. Then...if we dare...a look into how Mr. Hyde will mess with their future.

I would start with Season 1, but Hook. Good season, but really, our OTP is not here, so let's move on.

At the start of Season 2, after everyone has finally regained their memories and realized they are, in fact, the storybook characters Henry has been reading about, Emma and Mary Margaret/Snow fall through a portal back into the Enchanted Forest,. After meeting up with Mulan and Aurora, they are told they might find a magic bean atop the giant's beanstalk. Who can get Emma to that bean? Why, none other than Captain Hook!

Upon first meeting, they climb a beanstalk together!

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At the top of bean stalk, Hook takes care of Emma's injured hand, and because she doesn’t trust him, she has to try to resist his first smolder.

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But he's Captain Hook—the villain she's read about since she was a kid! She can't possibly trust him. So...she leaves him chained up for the giant.

In Season 3 we find the gang in Neverland trying to rescue Henry from Peter Pan. When Emma finds out that Hook saved David’s life, he suggests she repay him with a little somethin' somethin'.

​Emma. Always hiding behind her carefully constructed walls, teases him. “Please, you couldn't handle it.” But when he calls her bluff, she does THIS, and all of our heart eyes popped out of our faces.


Then, at the end of the season, we get a little Marty McFly action when Hook and Emma are accidentally sucked into Zelena's time travel portal, back to the Enchanted Forest where they screw up Snow and David's first meeting! Don't worry, by attending a ball (as Princess Leia and Prince Charles) and dancing like this, they do end up saving the day.

There is also this epic moment where Emma flirts with past Hook (who doesn't know her), and future Hook gets a little jealous.​

ANDBUTALSO this scene toward the end of season three, when Emma finds out HOW Hook was able to make it back from the Enchanted Forest to find her in New York and restore her memories about Storybrooke...



And his look when he simply says, “Aye,” is EVERYTHING.

​And then, of course, Emma knows the perfect response (it involves kissing).

​Gah! Am I only at Season 4?

In Season 4, we have a tiny break from good vs. evil when Hook takes Emma on their first real date. He even gets Gold to reattach his severed hand for the occasion, and Mary Margaret and David were the total over-protective parents sizing up her suitor.

Later, when Hook's afraid he will lose his happy ending because he's a villain, Emma asks, “Wait. If you're afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you've found it. What is it?”

And then Hook kills us all ded when he says, “Don't you know, Emma? It's you.”

At the end of Season 4, just before she saves Storybrooke by becoming The Dark One, Emma makes sure Hook knows he's her happy ending too.

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Finally, Season 5. I love how this season unfolds to show us that even as The Dark One, Emma still tries to protect those she loves.

Here a distraught Emma turns her true love into a Dark One...and then wipes his memory so he doesn't know. Can’t see how that would backfire at all...

Oh. Here’s how. Hook succumbs to the darkness as soon as he finds out he’s a Dark One. But, he sees the error of his ways and wants to die a hero, so he begs Emma to stab him with Excalibur, and we all sobbed because we knew she had to...and then she did...​

...effectively turning her back into the savior while Hook dies as he should have in Camelot.

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Emma doesn't give up. She tries to save him from the Underworld, but even after they pass the test of true love, he cannot leave. When Emma makes it back to Storybrooke and finally accepts that he's gone, Hook is shown mercy by Zeus and is returned to the land of the living so we can all sob with joy.

Source: agonybooth

I think it’s safe to trust what Hook always says, that he’s a survivor. And that means he and Emma will survive too. But what’s in store for Emma and Killian in Season 6 now that Hyde has brought with him to Storybrooke all the wayward villains he can find? Plus, Regina is now split in two, and I’m guessing her Evil Queen side still has a score to settle with Hook.

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I sense another separation coming. Will it be because of Evil Regina? Gold? Hyde and his posse of bad guys? Now that Hyde thinks he rules Storybrooke, how far will he go to destroy its savior?

He better not lay a hand (or a hook) on Killian Jones.

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