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First Look: Lorelei James’ Just What I Needed (August 2, 2016)

Just What I Needed by Lorelei James

Lorelei James
Just What I Needed (The Need You Series)
Signet / August 2, 2016/ $7.99 print & digital

I am so excited to talk to you all about Just What I Needed  by Lorelei JamesSo excited! It is the second book in the Need You series, and it is by far and away one of the best books I've read this year. I talked about the first book, What You Need, back in January (although technically I read it in December...), but Just What I Needed even topped my love of that one. Ms. James is on a roll with these books, y'all. I think any lover of romance would enjoy (these) books.

First of all, let’s talk about these characters. Not only are Trinity and Walker extremely dynamic—well developed, great personalities, realistically flawed—the secondary characters jump off the page as well. Trinity has a smaller circle, but the Lund family. My goodness. It was great to see that both Trinity and Walker have their issues, and it was a balanced relationship. In fact, at one point, Walker thinks to himself that he knows Trinity doesn't need him—she's a strong independent woman. But, he'd just like it if she needed him a little bit. (Spoiler: she does.)

It was also really nice to read a book where either main character can assert her- or himself when the time or situation calls for it. Their relationship is really balanced, and strong. Throughout the book there were various times when either character took the first step, or realized he—or she—was wrong, at which point the offending party would act on it to apologize and make things right. 

Truly, it was so exciting to read a book that featured adult characters. While they weren't necessarily totally put together or established, when push came to shove, they were able to communicate. Don't for one instance think that it all runs smoothly and is boring though. In fact, Trinity has something she calls “social anxiety blackouts” so you can just imagine how that goes. Her word vomit game is next level. I actually have to give kudos to Ms. James for that personality trait that Trinity has, because it's consistent, endearing, and actually really gives her another layer of depth. She doesn't have a lot of self-confidence because of numerous circumstances and negative influences, but she's working on it.

Walker, on the other hand, is generally so self aware and well adjusted that his family has taken to taking him for granted, even going so far as to ignore or neglect him. I liked that it wasn't all peachy keen in the rich boy trust fund baby business owner's life - even with his great family - that they still have issues too. Walker is willing to give Trinity space, to wait - but also won't stand for being a doormat. He want the relationship and he'll fight for it. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a Walker in her (or his!) life. 

Basically what it all comes down to is... Just What I Needed is a feel good read. However, it also has a lot of substance, and very realistic, developed characters. It's a super romantic book that you can totally believe could happen in real life. I was all in, and I can't wait for the next book. I even enjoyed the conflict between the characters. This book worked for me on every level. Just What I Needed was in fact, just what I needed as a reader. I hope you read it and enjoy it as much as I did.


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Darynda Jones
1. DaryndaJones
Um, yes, I bought this because of the guy on the cover. But day-um. Also it's getting fantastic reviews. So there's that!
Lime Cello
2. Limecello
@Darynda did you ever get a chance to read the book? I'd love to know what you thought of it. :)
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