Aug 10 2016 10:30am

J.R. Ward’s The Chosen Cover Reveal + Xcor/Layla Excerpt!

The Chose by J.R. Ward

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive cover reveal and first excerpt from J.R. Ward's The Chosen, the fifteenth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Back in April we had confirmation that Xcor and Layla's story would be next—and we've been waiting a LONG time to get them together. With this parting line in the EW excerpt, we know the wait has been worth it—we're hooked!:

And herein was the problem, Xcor thought behind his closed lids. His evolution was unknown to his previous enemy- and the only way out of this deadly scenario was to reveal the love he’d found with a female who was not his, had never been, and was not going to be.

But he would not sacrifice The Chosen Layla for anyone.

Not even to save himself…

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Read the full excerpt at Entertainment Weekly and stayed tune for updates as The Chosen comes closer to its April 4, 2017 release date!

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
But he would not sacrifice The Chosen Layla for anyone.
Not even to save himself…
OMG THAT LINE. Can't wait. I'm glad to see Ward going back to "original" stories rather than re-treading old ones.
2. wilsonlr
I really can't wait for this story !!! Its been a long time coming !!! But I'm not digging the cover, just looks meh to me
3. Lucy D
@wilsonlr - I am not digging the cover either. Biggest thing about Xcor is that he has a facial disfigurement. You can't put hot guy on cover for Xcor. Maybe from the back or just a body shot, but this isn't right. :(
Xhex Dhanger
4. XhexWanda
I agree about the cover, It really does not go with the image I have about Xcor. I just hope there is a happy ending. I know he deserves death for what he did to the King, but... People (or Vampires) can change. I loved the story of The Shadows but the ending with Selena I did not like. So I'm really hoping for a happy ending for Layla and Xcor. But dang.... April/2017.......
5. allyson55
Silly cover, Xcor (how the hell do you say that?) isn't a pretty boy and as for Layla, I'd have been happy if she'd carked it after the babies were delivered. I'm not a fan of either of these characters so I'll be skipping the next book. And really?! you're all just going to forgive Xcor for trying to assassinate the King?
6. allyson55
I tend to hold a grudge, I haven't forgiven Havers for trying to hire an assassin to kill Wrath way back in the beginning.
7. wsl0612
@allyson55 - I say Zeecor in my mind don't know if that's right or not, but I'm going with it. I forgive him for trying to assissinate the king mostly because of his upbringing. I agree, that cover isn't right for him!
8. Lucy D
@wslo612 - I always listened to the audiobooks for this series so the first time I saw Xcor written down it took me a few minutes to figure that out. Jim Frangione says it like it was spelled "Score."
9. wsl0612
@LucyD - Thanks! That is interesting, although I'd still try to put an "exotic" twist to it and say Zcore myself :-)
10. Leuq
Not a fan of Xcor. I believe he loves Layla, but I think she deserves better. Treason is treason and making Xcor related to Tohr would not save him from his crimes in the real world. Misguided youths who commit crimes: murder, drugs, violent gang members -- are not given a free pass because of their circumstance. Maybe Tohr couldn't kill him, but another Brother could and should. Perhaps, if she must, Layla could pick him up in the afterlife. That being said, I will read the book. I love the Brothers and we get to catch up on what's happening with them and their shellans.
11. allyson55
Thank you wslo612, it drives me mad when I'm reading and I trip over a characters name then spend the rest of the book trying to work out how to say it. lol
13. RetiredHsMom
I love the cover and Xcor. I pretty much forgave Xcor early on. *lol* Layla is one character I sometimes like and sometimes can't stand. I think a lot of her poor choices are due to being stuck in that stupid cult. Sometimes I think living in the Brotherhood house isn't much better as it's so insulated. I'm really looking forward to reading this book...almost as much as I was looking forward to The Beast.
14. Charlayne
Guys, go back and read the excerpt again, pay VERY big attention to the birth story.

There's a plot twist.

And I think that's NOT Xcor on the cover, from that one little word in the birth story that twists the whole things in knots.

Think about it, go back and research. It's there. OMG......what a mess!
rachel sternberg
15. rae70
allyson55 I don't know either... In my head I say Zore, but is it like Score? My brain tends to hurt with this world and its creative spelling...
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