Aug 31 2016 4:00pm

10 Things I Love About Regency Heroes

When a Marquis Chooses a Bride by Ella Quinn

Today we're thrilled to welcome Ella Quinn (When a Marquis Chooses a Bride) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Like many of us, Ella loves Regency heroes. Let's count the reasons, shall we? Thanks, Ella!

1. No facial hair. Now, Mr. Q has had a moustache for almost forty years, but in general I do not like facial hair, and Regency dudes did not even have mutton chop sideburns.

2. Cravats. Don’t ask me why, but a man in a cravat just does it for me. It might be the idea of unwrapping it. 

3. They knew how to dance. I mean really dance. As much as I love my husband . . . well, enough said. 

4.  They were romantic. I guess guys today can be romantic. I saw a picture once. But who can beat a man who could recite poetry or write a poem for you? <sigh>

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5. Pantaloons. Did you know that tailors measured then subtracted two inches?

6. They knew how to drive a carriage. Haven’t you always wanted to go for a carriage ride without another person, or the kids with you? Well maybe not that but this

7. The hair. Even their styles had names like “Brutus” instead of crew-cut. 

8. They actually wanted to get married. Which was very helpful when that was the only option most women had.

9. They liked their women plump. Need I say more?

10. Did I mention pantaloons?

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1. Scarlettleigh
1. I am with you mutton chops, but the start of a beard -- sexy
2. Cravats --uh no -- t-shirt and jeans
3. I can't say that I love to waltz -- but you sort of got my agreement here.
4. Poetry -- I'd had rather he be on snake patrol.
5. Pantaloons See # 2 or better yet a uniform -- love a man in uniform
6. Carriage or Plane -- hmmm I thinking plane
7. Hair -- but was it clean?
8. Now you are talking. . . Of course the woman had no rights. . .
9. That is a benefit --of course all they could see was a woman's ankles <g>
10. Button-up Levi's

Just messing with you -- cute post
Ella Quinn
2. EllaQuinn
Thanks so much for having me on!! I'm thrilled to be here!
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