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Exclusive Cover Reveal + Q&A: Darynda Jones’s Eleventh Grave in Moonlight!

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight by Darynda Jones

Darynda Jones's adventures of Charley Davidson continue to thrill us as we prepare for the next book in the series, Eleventh Grave in Moonlight which will be out early next year! We are thrilled to share this exclusive cover with you as well as a Q&A from the author herself! 

Take a look back through the series and revel in how Jones builds this unique and captivating world that always leave us wanting more. We've so enjoyed getting to follow Charley on her adventures, and The Curse of Tenth Grave left us wanting much, much more! 

Don't read the Q&A if you haven't finished The Curse of  Tenth Grave yet—we discuss the book's big twists!

Dying to know what's in store for Charley & co. after The Curse of Tenth Grave? You’re in luck! As a special bonus, we've got some questions with Darynda herself!***

**Note: Be sure you've finished The Curse of Tenth Grave before reading this Q&A—MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for that book!**

Team H&H : So many secrets revealed in The Curse of Tenth Grave! Is it safe to say Charley and Reyes are now in an even stronger place in their relationship?
Darynda Jones: Absolutely! I’ve always thought of their relationship as rock solid, but I guess that’s because I’ve always known the final outcome. I get lots of mail begging me not to tear them apart. To let them have their HEA. It kind of shocks me that any Charley fan could think I’d do that to them, then I remember what I do for a living and think, “Oh, yeah.” But rest assured! Charley and Reyes are forever. (With a few bumps along the way.)
H&H: Osh has become such a fascinating character. Will we learn more about him and the prophecy that will bring him and Elwyn together one day? And will it ever sit any better with Reyes?!
D.J.: Ha! Let’s just say it takes Reyes a LONG time before he believes Osh anywhere near good enough for his daughter, but it will happen. Eventually.
In the meantime, we will definitely learn more about the prophecy and all the lovely twists that lie therein. After all, who’s to say that Beep’s evil grandfather isn’t an old softy underneath those pointy horns and glistening scales? I mean, who writes all those prophecies anyway? Who decides where the line between good and evil is drawn?
Still, the guy has done some pretty terrible things. And not many know that better than a tortured, enslaved demon. As a Daeva, Osh has inside knowledge of Lucifer’s domain. I wonder if the prophet took that into consideration when writing his masterpiece?
H&H: Elwyn is destined to save the world, yet Charley is every mother when she thinks: “Then I thought about Beep. I thought about her destiny. None of us mattered anymore. Not really. Not that we ever did. We were simply the foundation of what she was going to achieve.” What’s it like writing a Charley with a whole new outlook on life?

D.J.: I don’t think of it so much as a whole new outlook as a shift in her current one. I’ve always thought of Charley as the most self-sacrificing character I’ve ever written. She risks her life for strangers. Dead strangers. I think she just has a whole lot more motivation now. And a really good excuse to throw caution to the wind.
H&H: Can you offer any teases about what’s ahead for Charley & co. in Eleventh Grave in Moonlight after that cliffhanger? Poor Uncle Bob!
D.J.: Right? Poor Ubie. I will say that I love Uncle Bob way too much to let anything too horrible happen to him. He may go through a little heck, but I can promise all will be well with the world in the end.

So, yes, Charley has to figure out that little conundrum while getting into her normal absolute state of turmoil, but it probably wouldn’t be a Charley book otherwise. She does learn a couple of lessons. She learns a lot more about what it means to be a god in Eleventh and that, perhaps, challenging our own God wasn’t such a good idea. Not that she won’t give it her all. :)

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I want it NOOOOOWWWW! *stomps foot* I had so much fun reviewing 10th, I wanted 11th right then!
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