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First Look: Casey Griffin’s Must Love Wieners (August 2, 2016)

Must Love Weiners by Casey Griffin

Casey Griffin
Must Love Wieners (Rescue Dog #1)
St. Martin's Press / August 2, 2016 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital 

Must Love Wieners  is the first book in Casey Griffin's Rescue Dog Romance series!

If you’re like me, you just can’t help yourself. Publishers have got our number! They only have to mention that a dog plays a big part in a book, and they have got dog lovers ' attention.  If they mention dog rescue, then we are doubly intrigued. Mention that the book is a romance, and we’re a goner. So it’s hardly surprising that I jumped at the chance to read Must Love Wieners by Casey Griffin.

The opening of the book is pure slapstick, as the heroine Piper has one catastrophe after another in her attempt to work her three jobs at once –pizza delivery, cab driver, and singing telegram performer. Needless to say, that doesn’t go well.

But in her performer role, she does meet billionaire Aiden Caldwell. Although it is not the best introduction:

Shoving the horse’s wooden pole between her legs, she yelled, “Yee-haw!” and skipped into the room, tassels swaying, heels clicking.

The lights were dimmed, the curtains closed. Unable to see where she was going, her foot caught on something. It sent her stumbling forward. She reached out to catch her fall. The horse clattered to the floor. Her knees took the landing hard, but her hand fell on something soft. When the lights flicked on, she saw it lay nestled in a man’s lap.

Gasping, Piper fell bac and stared up at the man. He held a dripping coffee cup, a brown stain spreading across his expensive white shirt and tie. And then she saw his face.

Of course he was gorgeous. He had to be gorgeous. That was so damned typical.

After this encounter Piper is extremely embarrassed and Aiden is interested, but Piper shoots him down.

But the very next day Piper encounters Aiden again. This time in a milieu more suited to Piper’s talents and interest—at the Dachshund Rescue Center. Piper has been working odd jobs to put herself through veterinary school plus volunteering at the center. Aiden is there to pick up Sophie, a dachshund, which is sort of heartbreaking to Piper. Not that she doesn’t want Sophie to have a wonderful home, but Sophie and Piper’s own dog , Colin, have grown up together. When Piper adopted Colin, she didn’t know that he was bonded with another dog. Sophie and Colin were rescued at different time. Piper had hoped to also adopt Sophie, but now that is not going to happen now. But maybe there is a silver lining. Aiden knows that she lost her jobs, and offers her a job as Sophie’s dog walker. Colin and Sophie still will get to see each other, and she is one step away from being broke and homeless.

Piper and Aiden both have their issues. Piper is too proud and independent to accept help, even when she is drowning:

“You can hire anyone else in this city for less than half that.”

“I’m not asking anyone else,” he said. “I’m asking you.”

Piper gave him a hard stare, trying to figure out what game he was playing. She recalled her original fear, that he pitied her. And to her, that was worse than propositioning her. She narrowed her eyes. “I’m not a charity case, either.”

And Aiden, well he just doesn’t know how to relax and have fun:

Aiden was sitting on a bench, people watching at the edge of the lot. While she could only see his profile, she recognized the stiff way he sat, back rigid. He wore a collared work shirt even though it was the weekend. His sports jacket sat folded on the bench next to him. At least he’d skipped the tie and rolled up his sleeves. The man knew how to let loose and party.

Aiden and Piper are not only good for each other, there is definitely simmering sexual attraction there that ready to burst into flames:

For the first time, she was confident of how he felt. After everything he’d said that day, maybe more the way he’d said it, how relaxed he’d become around her since they’d met, there was no doubt.

The heat of his hands warmed her skin through the linen, or maybe it was the nearness of his body, the way his hands began moving slower, pressing her body against the contours of his.

But someone is out to get Piper. Is it personal? Is it related to her work at the rescue center, or is someone determined to get her out of Aiden’s life.

If you looking for a humorous book, with an intrepid heroine, a gorgeous billionaire hero and intriguing mystery then look no further. Oh, and don’t forget it’s filled with sweet doggy scenes:

When a longhaired red dachshund came into view Colin shot across the room to the kennel door like a black torpedo, toenails skittering along the cement floor. He began pawing at the door and Piper laughed.

Reaching down, she unlatched the enclosure. “Hi, Sophie.”

She barely got it open before the two doxies were all over each other, gnawing on ears and necks.

“Come on, you two. It’s been twenty-four hours and you act like you haven’t seen each other in months.


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