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Swoonies 2016: TV Edition

Welcome to H&H's Swoonies 2016: TV Edition! We're pitting some of our favorite ships head-to-head to see who wins the award for H&H's Swoonworthiest TV Couple of 2016! 

We've got eight of our favorite TV couples for the 2015-2016 TV season battling it out in this first round, so let your fandom love show and vote for your favorite couple! 

The round one match ups are: WestAllen vs. Clexa, Olicity vs. KarOlsen, Jessica x Luke vs. Bellarke, and Rachel x Quinn vs. Jamie x Claire.

Schedule of Events:

  • Round 1: June 22-24 at 12 p.m. (EST)
  • Round 2: June 25-29 at 12 p.m. 
  • Round 3: June 29-July 1 at 2 p.m. 
  • Winners Announced: July 1 at 3 p.m. 

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Battle #1: The Flash & The 100

img src: you saved me

Couple: Barry x Iris  (WestAllen)
TV Show: The Flash
What brings them together: Barry and Iris have been friends since childhood, when Barry came to live with the Wests. Barry’s been in love with Iris his entire life.
What tears them apart: Barry changing time for the second (third?) time, a.k.a. Barry’s stupidity, is a bit of a roadblock.
Moment we started shipping them: Barry wakes up in Star Labs form his initial accident and immediately heads to Jitters to see Iris in episode 1x01. Doesn’t get much better than that!
Swoonworthiest moment: Earth-2 Iris and Earth-1 Barry were the most adorable to watch.


img src: Alycia's Hands

Couple: Clarke x Lexa (Clexa)
TV show: The 100
What brings them together: Clarke needs the Commander Lexa’s help—not to mention her army of Grounders—to rescue her friends from captivity in Mount Weather.
What tears them apart: Lexa breaking a pact with Clarke to save her people at Mount Weather causes major tension, but they overcome that and fall deeply in love...and then Lexa is killed in a tragic accident.
Moment we started shipping them: Clarke and Lexa take turns saving each other in episode 2x10, and their dynamic is irresistible.
Swoonworthiest moment: Lexa privately bows and pledges fealty to Clarke and her people—and we melt—in episode 3x03.






Battle #2: Arrow & Supergirl

img src: felicityollies

Couple: Oliver x Felicity (Olicity)
TV show: Arrow
What brings them together: Oliver requires the assistance of a tech specialist which leads him right into the office of Felicity Smoak.
What tears them apart: Oliver lying to Felicity, his fiancée at the time, about his son—decimating the trust their relationship was built upon.
Moment we started shipping them: In episode 1x14, “The Odyssey,” Felicity finds a wounded Oliver in the backseat of her car, and—together with Diggle—saves his life.
Swoonworthiest moment: “He had you and he was going to hurt you,” Oliver tells Felicity in episode 2x07. “There was no choice to make.” Endless heart-eyes.


img src: wandamxmoff

Couple: Kara x James (KarOlsen)
TV show: Supergirl
What brings them together: James Olsen comes to National City as the new art director for CatCo, bringing Kara and James in close proximity. He also happens to be one of the few people who knows her secret from day one.
What tears them apart: Kara will sacrifice anything—even her own personal happiness—to save the world. Where does that leave James?
Moment we started shipping them: James asks Kara to meet him on the roof… and he winks. He. Winks. We were gone for them from that point on.
Swoonworthiest moment: Very early on in their relationship, Karolsen share an epic hug: “I don’t want to let go,” Kara says, and James replies, “I don’t either.” Since then, they’ve kissed and expressed their love (granted, not to each other), but nothing beats that hug.






Battle #3: Jessica Jones & The 100

img src: jesslukesource

Couple: Jessica x Luke 
TV show: Jessica Jones
What brings them together: Jessica’s job as a snoop for hire, a.k.a. a private detective, is what ostensibly brings Luke Cake into her orbit, but in truth we learn she’s been secretly spying on Luke’s nightly activities more out of guilt than anything.
What tears them apart: Luke finds out Jessica is responsible for Luke’s wife’s death—she was under mind control, but that’s still hard to get over...for both of them.
Moment we started shipping them: As soon as Jessica walks into Luke’s bar, in episode 1x01, we boarded this ship. The chemistry is instant.
Swoonworthiest moment: “You’re the first person I ever pictured a future with,” Jessica tells a sleeping Luke. For her, that’s huge.


img src:

Couple: Bellamy x Clarke (Bellarke) TV show: The 100
What brings them together: Clarke and Bellamy put their initial differences aside to join forces as co-leaders of the 100, quickly becoming attached at the hip.
What tears them apart: While Bellarke are often separated by circumstances beyond their control, in season 3 their relationship is greatly tested when Clarke refuses to come home to him and their people, wounding Bellamy and causing a rift they have to work hard to bridge.
Moment we started shipping them: In episode 1x02, Bellamy saves Clarke from falling into a deadly trap, and their dynamic begins to shift. We dare you to look away.
Swoonworthiest moment: Clarke and Bellamy’s moonlit hug in episode 3x13, “Join or Die,” lasts a wee bit long to be strictly platonic, and there’s some definite nuzzling going on. Their slow burn is a delicious hell we wouldn’t trade for anything.






Battle #4: UnREAL & Outlander

img src: talesofnorth

Couple: Rachel x Quinn
TV show: UnREAL
What brings them together: Quinn’s desire to have the best team, bringing Rachel back from a catastrophic meltdown, gets us our front-row seats to their years-deep relationship.
What tears them apart: Quinn and Rachel are two sides of the same coin. Their relationship is definitely love/hate.
Moment we started shipping them: In episode 1x07, when Quinn says Rachel is “worth five crashed Ferraris,” we start to realize how much they really mean to each other.
Swoonworthiest moment: “I love you. You know that, right?” Rachel says to Quinn in the season 1 finale, to which Quinn says, “I love you, too.” Bury us with this scene!


img src: geillisduncane

Couple: Jamie x Claire
TV show: Outlander
What brings them together: Claire falls through the stones at Craigh na Dun, ending up back in the 18th century, and gets thrown together a lot with a handsome Scot, Jamie Fraser. What starts as an arranged marriage becomes an epic love story.
What tears them apart: Jamie and Claire face countless challenges to their relationship, but none is as great as Claire’s return to her own time, the 20th century.
Moment we started shipping them: Claire setting Jamie’s dislocated shoulder and patching his bullet wound in episode 1x01 really shouldn’t have been as sexy as it was, but they’re pretty, and we’re weak, okay? Swoonworthiest moment: Claire choosing to stay with Jamie rather than return to Frank and her own time in episode 1x11 is the ultimate declaration of love. “Take me home to Lollybroch,” she says, and Jamie just beams. Guh.


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Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
A) I cannot believe I had to decide between my loves Bellamy/Clarke and Jessica/Luke. :( I went with Bellarke because I've been shipping them longer, but for the record I adore Jessica/Luke to pieces and I'm sorry I didn't vote for you, my loves.

B) Kara and James' swoonworthiest moment so far is totally when Kara tells James that he makes her a better hero, and he says that she makes him better too. Of course I squee over every hug and kiss, but that exchange proves that they need each other equally, which to me is most important in a ship.
Marilyn Porter
3. Marilyn Porter
@Heather - as I feel I must defend my ship ;) I will counter your swoony moment with this:

and this:

and of course this (he remembered the COLOR OF THE PEN she was chewing when he met her!):

and then there's how he protects her:

and just.. how they both love each other and believe in each other and no one is Oliver's biggest fan besides Felicity and vice versa. Their love goes beyond just romance and sex, they're best friends and partners.
4. CabbageCat
I can't fathom why this 'Bellarke' ship keeps appearing in fandom polls. In the context of the show their relationship is purley platonic, the bond they have is as comrades/siblings. Compared to the other ships listed here, there is no romantic intent between the two.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@CabbageCat -- To play devil's advocate, there are many ships that take many years to become canonically romantic. The West Wing's Josh and Donna and The X-Files' Mulder and Scully come immediately to mind. But people shipped them for years beforehand. Whether or not Bellarke ever becomes canon, a lot of people ship them (myself included), and that's why we included them in this poll. Same goes for Rachel and Quinn, actually.
Jennifer Proffitt
6. JenniferProffitt
@HeatherWaters, I just... I can't. That was just such a cliche moment for me when I watched it, where as I can see a gif of the "I don't want to let go" and totally melt. Also, the "you make me a better hero,""you make me better too" does not put them on equal footing. I think the acknowledgement and coming together as equal people and saying they didn't want to let go was a much more meaningful moment for them!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@MarilynPorter -- Hey, I ship them too! Just not as much as Kara/James. I was really enjoying Olicity's slow burn, but they got together too quickly for me and I stopped watching.
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
Oh, you know what, I would have put Sense8 on here--so many couple I love!
Jen Wattley
9. JenWattley
@Marilyn, that's my girl! Way to show up for Olicity, my friend! xx
10. Crystal Cox
YES! Sense8 !! But then I would have to pick a trio lol.
Jennifer Proffitt
11. JenniferProffitt
@Crystal Cox, it would have been a hard pick between the Mexican Triad and Kalagang!
13. Jelenaz
Rachel and Quinn aren't even a couple! WTF
14. Micah
I watched the x files and I never seen any romance or a couple from them, they had a kid and maybe one night together but they were never actually a canon pairing, people might have wanted them to be but as someone who loved the show but didn't ship anyone on that show the pairing wasn't canon, and I don't see B/C a couple either, unlike Lexa/Clarke who were an on screen couple.
Jennifer Proffitt
15. JenniferProffitt
@Jelenaz, just saying, but that doesn't mean they're not shipped. Kara and James aren't a "couple" yet but we ship them. Same with Bellarke.

That being said I'm pro-Jamie and Claire getting the title!
16. Truth time
It's kinda scary seeing people swoon at the non-couple BC moment where he decides to 'save' her. Before that scene Bellamy is telling Murphy how he's going to get the wristband off Clarke even if he has to cut off her hand to do it. This is because he tried to kill the Chancellor of the Ark in order to follow his sister to Earth, and wants the Ark to think Earth is uninhabitable by making it seem like everybody died (i.e. destroying the wristbands), so he won't be charged for his crime if the rest of the Ark followed them down to Earth.

Clarke won't follow his command so he threatens her and talks down to her. At the pit when they see Jasper strung up, Clarke slips into the pit, and Bellamy by reflex reaches out and grabs her arm. However, the point of that scene is for us to see Bellamy have a chance to end his troubles and let her fall in, and he contemplates it; but Fin, Wells, and Murphy are all there as well, and they are the ones who run and grab both Bellamy and Clarke's arms and pull her up.

There are moments later in the season where we see them put aside their differences and start working together once Bellamy gets his selfish head out of his ass, and I have no problem seeing people ship those moments if they want. However, it make me sick seeing people misconstrue and romanticize this scene when it's anything but.
Heather Waters
17. HeatherWaters
@Micah -- I respect that not everyone wants to see or likes Mulder and Scully as a couple, but they are, in fact, canon, though they are separated in season 10. In the movie I Want to Believe, they are living and sleeping together:

That said, yes, you are right, Clarke and Lexa are also canon, and that's great! No need to put other ships down.
18. AnaMack
@TruthTime what's not to love about the moment Bellamy Blake couldn't let her fall, despite his main goals? I'm sorry, but you're squinting way too much to see a problem in that, and even then I don't see why you wouldn't see the beauty of it. The scene itself means their first turning point. The moment we see Bellamy really isn't that bad of a guy, the moment he's betrayed by his own heroic instincts, and one of the first times they took a little while longer to look away. No matter what were Bellamy's intentions, he grabbed her and avoided her falling. As I like to say, he saved her even when he was really willing not to. That's a defining moment for both the character and the couple.
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