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First Look: Elle Kennedy’s Addicted (June 28, 2016)

Elle Kennedy
Addicted (Outlaws #2)
Signet / June 28, 2016 / $$7.99 print & digital

Elle Kennedy expands on the world she crafted in the first Outlaws book with a friends to lovers story that doesn’t take the typical path.

In the first book, Claimed, readers discovered a world where everything was regulated—even relationships—and the people who lived on the fringe were in much more of a wild west setting. We spent the first book mostly at Connor’s outpost in the woods with his hodgepodge group of men and the woman he fell for, Hudson. I was curious which of the group would get the next story then as the group has a lot of characters I want to know much better.

After raiders took out another outpost, though, the group grew even more, and two of those people were Lennox and Jamie. Unlike most of the outlaws fending for themselves on the fringe, these two have been together since they were kids. They’ve stayed side-by-side and kept one another safe from the go. Partners in crime, if you will. And they’ve never even considered hooking up.

Well, that’s not all that accurate. They’ve both thought about it. A lot. Just separately. And certainly haven’t ever divulged those details to the other party. Instead they’ve been casual about sex and hookups and have a bit of a voyeuristic approach to one another. This does make things a little murky as Addicted opens, as Jamie is focused on Rylan, who she is having a whole lot of fun with, and quickly Lennox is having a threesome with two other women. Complicated, right?

It’s the good kind of complicated. The setting gets moved to another outpost as a segment of our group goes to help train others to fight. In the meantime, Jamie and Lennox end up crossing the line that involves panties on the floor and some very public first times together. Only neither are sure what to do with that. They don’t have other people they can count on. Each is the closest thing the other has to family. How do you risk losing the one person who knows you better than anyone else?

Their initial plan is to compartmentalize. Friends outside the bedroom, and naughty strangers in the bedroom. That doesn’t actually work. (Does it ever?) What makes Addicted so engaging is watching these two discover their feelings, acknowledge them and have to come to terms with how it changes how they see themselves, how it changes their relationship and what it means for who they want to be.

It doesn’t hurt that Kennedy also packs some intense (and frequent) sex scenes that will certainly have readers backing Lennox and Jamie’s decision to shift from friends to lovers. 


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