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The Brothers Randall: Outlander 2x05 Heart-to-Heart

Jamie and Claire in Outlander Season 2, episode 5Show/Episode: Outlander Season 2, Episode 5, “Untimely Resurrection”
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Outlander Season 2, episode 5 Jamie/Claire relationship trackerLast week’s Outlander made great strides in the plot and in Jamie and Claire’s relationship. Jamie was honest about how he felt after the abuse by Black Jack Randall, and he and Claire reconnected. They plotted to put Bonny Prince Charlie off kilter in front of the Duke of Sandringham by revealing that his married lover was pregnant in the middle of a dinner party with said lover’s husband. Unfortunately, there are others who are also plotting. Claire’s carriage was purposely damaged, and on the walk home she and Mary were attacked. While Claire escaped unscathed, Mary was raped.

Back home Alex Randall was tending to Mary, but when she woke she didn’t remember the situation, and fled screaming toward the dinner party. When everyone came to her rescue, Alex Randall was above her as though he were the rapist.

Have they pushed Mary into Black Jack’s hands? Will Prince Charles still confide in Jamie? Will Louise confide in Claire?

Let’s dive into Season 2, Episode 5, and see if they’ve burned bridges or can still move forward with their plot to save Jamie and Scotland.

While Jamie spent the night with the police, once he gets home he and Claire continue in the same kind and loving ways we saw at the end of last week’s episode. Even with Jamie bringing up the brothel and that he’s the one who originally called her La Dame Blanche—a sorceress—as a way of getting out of interacting with the women there.

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While Jamie and Claire are mostly scheming together as to how to stop Prince Charles, we do get a lovely scene of Jamie presenting Claire with a gift for the baby. Heirloom apostle spoons for the baby’s christening. After all his distance in the early months of her pregnancy, it’s so wonderful to see him beam and press his hand against Claire’s belly. She’s willing to admit her fears that she won’t be a good mother. We get a nice shift in dynamic with Claire being the vulnerable one sharing that she doesn’t much remember her own mother. Jamie reassures her, and underscores his love to her. They can do this together.

Jamie and Claire visit the king’s stables to help the Duke of Sandringham purchase a horse. Claire gives the men their reprieve and runs into Black Jack Randall. It isn’t long until the French King, his court, and Jamie are also there. Jamie and Randall verbally spar a bit, and it’s a miracle that Claire isn’t overwhelmed by the fear of what might happen in the presence of the king. Eventually we find that Black Jack is there on his brother’s behalf. The king makes Black Jack Randall get on his knees to beg in a literal sense for the aid of his brother. The group laughs as he does so. While it’s a nice moment of superiority for the Frasers, there will be repercussions. There always are.

Mostly because Jamie challenged Randall to a duel.

As expected Claire is not on board with this decision. So much so that she files a false claim that Black Jack Randall was the person who attacked she and Mary—the person who raped Mary—and Randall is arrested.

When Claire finally admits her reason for not wanting Jamie to kill Black Jack is not because he isn’t thinking about her and the baby but because of Frank, Jamie is stunned. She explains that Frank is related to Black Jack, and that if Jack can’t have a child with Mary Hawkins, then her Frank will never be born. She asks for a delay in killing Randall, but Jamie can’t move on like that. He goes the ultimatum route (which, for the record, is never the right path), and says it’s either him or me. This is just heartbreaking. Jamie has previously respected and understood Claire’s love for Frank. It was a different time, etc. That was before, though.

She suggests she’s saved Jamie’s life twice, so he owes her a life. She leverages “debt” against her husband, who is clearly in pain. What’s so sad is that she doesn’t know that this isn’t what was supposed to happen. I would argue that. However, now that she’s essentially blackmailed Jamie into waiting—he’s a man who honors his debts—their relationship is yet again fractured.

How do they recover from this?

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Claire Wardrobe Watch: The detailing on the brown attire at the stable event with the bright yellow gloves was lovely.

Memorable Lines:

Jamie: All that I wish for is for you to lay in my arms.

Jamie: I do miss the smell of the stable.
Claire: That makes one of us.

Next Stop: Next week we’ll see Season 2, Episode 6, “Best Laid Schemes”

Charting the Course: Expect a contentious Jamie and Claire next week. He won’t be quick to overlook her holding saving his life over his head or delaying him from killing Black Jack.

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1. Kahintenn
Great episode in what is proving to be a much more interesting season than I imagined. Props to the actress who is playing Mary Hawkins...she does a wonderful job with the journey of that character.
2. ChelseaMueller
@Kahintenn - Agreed about the woman playing Mary Hawkins.

That said, I do miss having the main plot be more close to the main characters—Claire adjusting to the time shift and falling for Jamie—from the first season, compared to this political scheming. However, I always love Jamie+Claire.
Susan White
3. whiskeywhite
I was feeling a bit 'blah' about this season, other than the fabulous costumes, but things are heating up now and it's getting more engaging. I, too, was missing the focus on Jamie and Claire's relationahip, Chelsea.

I'm still trying to figure out how they're going to get Black Jack and Mary together. She hardly seems his type, unless as a minor conquest.

I fear that the "La Dame Blanche" sorceress allegation is going to have dangerous future consequences for Claire.

Seeing Jack humiliated by the cruel and frivolous King and courtiers was somewhat satisfying, but since I have a thing about people being humiliated, I actually found myself irrationally feeling a bit sorry for Jack.

I agree that Jamie is no longer as understanding about Frank as he was, which seems a bit of a turn. When he first learned about Frank he accepted it as completely logical that she would try to escape to get home to her husband (husband being a key word I think). Now it's "him or me" (although I must say I wasn't clear whether "him" was Frank or Jack). The ending was heartbreaking when Claire reached out to touch Jamie with love and he retorted angrily, "Don't touch me!"
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