May 9 2016 9:30am

The Black Sheep of the Family: Celeste Bradley’s Virgin Hero

I Thee Wed by Celeste Bradley

Celeste Bradley's I Thee Wed features a buttoned-up, virgin scientist. I love those guys.

Orion Worthington is a very serious scientist, but burdened with a very unserious family. The Worthingtons are notoriously eccentric and they can try an orderly person’s nerves.

As much as Orion loved his family, for some time now he had longed for the peace in which to truly work, to study, and to discover the secrets of the scientific world.

Peace in Worthington House was rather hard to come by.

He secures an apprenticeship with one of the foremost scientific minds in London with the understanding that if everything works out, Orion will also marry the lovely—and calm—daughter of the house.

Although he felt in no particular hurry to wed, he felt no aversion to it, either.

In this instance, it was a perfectly logical notion.

With a wife like Judith, Orion could imagine himself living just this sort of peaceful, organized life. A fine home, run to exacting standards, leaving him free to involve himself solely in his work while his bride managed the boring day-to-day details.

Too bad he didn’t foresee meeting the potential bride-to-be’s cousin.

“Mr. Worthington, it is a pleasure –“

His head roared. Orion stopped listening. The ever-so-slightly Italian lilt in her rich, low voice struck him with a distressing amount of force. Without a sound or movement, Orion Worthington, stringent believer in only what he could see before him, began to fall.

Francesca Penrose is considered too English by her Italian relations, and too Italian for her English ones. A brilliant scientist in her own right, Francesca just wants to do her research without feeling too much of an outcast. She finds the perfect fit with Orion’s crazy family.

For the first time since she had left Bologna, Francesca felt surrounded by family. For the first time in an even longer time, she felt surrounded by acceptance.

My journey is done. I have found my people.

As for Orion

He’d never enjoyed a dinner with his family more. And, from the looks of engaged wonder in their eyes, neither had they.

Had it been his doing, that distance?? Had he become so withdrawn from his fellow Worthingtons that they no longer bothered trying to reach him?

Deep down, Orion loved them. He knew they loved him in return.

But tonight, for the first time in memory, he felt understood by them. And bright-eyed, laughing Francesca was the reason why.

Funny how what you thought you wanted turns out to be nothing like what you actually need.

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