Apr 29 2016 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Can You Guess Where These Hotties Are From?

Do you ever look at a man and say to yourself, “He's from the Midwest, upstate New York, or the sunny side of California?” It's something about the way he talks, dresses, and says hello. Perhaps the way he bobs his head or what he likes to eat. Well, H&H has rounded up some of the hottest guys from some of the most popular places in the world and the United States. Can you guess where they are from?

*Birthplace revealed at the end of post.

Jared Leto*

(I'm sure he didn't mean to scare us as the Joker. It's just acting...right?!) 

Trai Byers*

(He's newly married to his co-star ..., but cleans up well.)

Harry Shum Jr.*

(I might be addicted.) 

Bob Morley*

(You'll 100 percent never guess where this The 100 star is from...)

Taylor Lautner

(Twilight is over, but we still adore him.)

Michael Fassbender

(Just try and guess, we dare you)




Honorable Mentions: 

  • Channing Tatum: Alabama
  • Santiago Cabrera: Venezuela
  • Jai Courtney: Australia
  • Justin Timberlake: Tennesee 
  • Matt Bomer: Born in Missouri, Raised in Texas
  • Aidan Turner: Ireland
  • Paul Wesley: New Jersey
  • Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden


And drum roll please...

*Answers (highlight between brackets for answer): 

  • Jared Leto (Louisiana + raised in other cities)
  • Trai Byers (Kansas)
  • Harry Shum Jr. (Costa Rica)
  • Taylor Lautner (Michigan)
  • Michael Fassbender (Germany)
  • Bob Morley (Australia)



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1. Bianca
Interesting, but now I've gotta Google the answers because the highlighting between brackets does not work on an iPad.
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