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First Look: Amanda Heger’s Without Borders (April 19, 2016)

Without Borders by Amanda Heger

Amanda Heger
Without Borders (Wanderlove #1)
Diversion Books / April 19, 2016 / $14.99 print, $2.99 digital

Without Borders by Amanda Heger is a like a slow burn with your favorite scented candle. It lulls you in, mesmerizes, feeds your senses, sometimes flickers, and you just want it to last. This is how I felt about the story between Annie and Felipe.

Some background—Annie bombs her MCAT and in a last-ditch attempt to boost her application for medical school—heads to Nicaragua to help out with her best friend’s family’s medical brigade. After meeting Marisol and her brother Felipe when they studied for a year at her high school, Annie and Marisol have been best friends ever since. Marisol and Felipe’s medical brigade, that brings medical care to remote parts of Nicaragua, is the perfect distraction from Annie’s recent breakup, as well as hopeful padding and experience for her application.

Now a doctor, Felipe has no love for the “poverty tourists” that sign up to help, only to criticize Felipe’s culture and medical knowledge. He’s sure Annie will be no different, complaining about the conditions and begging to return to her cushy life in the U.S.  Problem is, he’s never gotten over the crush he had on her in high school. Now, she’s only become more beautiful—which means he needs to steer clear. But each moment they are together, the more they learn about one another. Fighting the attraction is a losing battle.

They were alone, and all her emotions tumbled around inside her chest. Flipping over and over again like a packed dryer set to high heat. She stepped closer, stopping when the heat radiating from his skin invaded her space. “What is it?”

Coco dulce. Coconut candy.”

A king-sized grin crept over her face, and she was helpless to stop it. “It smells amazing.”

“Good night,” he said.



Annie swallowed, butterflies going mad in her stomach. “Thank you.”

His flashlight clicked off.



The silence stretched for eons. Finally, he stepped closer, barely visible in the darkness. “I really want to kiss you.” His fingers brushed against the skin of her low back, firm but tentative. Gentle but wanting.

They eased the words right out of her. “Then kiss me.”

Another aspect of the book that I loved is the humor and how we can all get lost in translation.

Marisol gave her a tiny smile. “I will help you.”

“No!” Annie’s voice rose, and she threw her hands over her mouth. “I’m sorry. I like to pack my own stuff. So I know where everything is.”

Marisol sat on the bed and tucked her legs under her body. “Oh, I forgot about your anal problem.” She laughed, and a dimple appeared in her left cheek. Even though Annie had seen that pixie grin hundreds of times, this was the first time she saw Felipe’s smile reflected back at her.

“Mari,” Annie begged, “please, please do not tell anyone I have an anal problem.”

“But they will see, no? It is not so easy to hide these things when you are on a trip like this.”

Amanda Heger is not afraid to touch upon ethics and cultural relativism in this interracial/ethnic debut and for this I am so appreciative. The content is meaty and the romance is lovely. I’m excited to see what comes next.


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