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“Always Remember That”: Supergirl 1x20 Karolsen Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: Supergirl Season 1, Episode 20, “Better Angels”
Ship(s): James Olsen/Kara Danvers (Karolsen)

The season finale of Supergirl brought us closure to the two biggest arcs of the season; the launch of Myriad by Non and Indigo against the citizens of National City and, at long last, the answer to the question of whether James and Kara will finally become the ‘ship we’ve routed for all season, Karolsen. And, I’m happy to say, the writers gave us what we wanted; YAY!

The fight set up between Alex, controlled by Non, and Supergirl set up last week was quickly squashed by the arrival of J’onn with Eliza Danvers who was able to get through to Alex and break Myriad’s hold on her.  After Maxwell Lord discovered that Myriad affected the part of the brain responsible for optimism and hope, he, Supergirl and Cat Grant worked together, using old analog broadcasting equipment, to send the citizens of National City hope via a message from Supergirl and the broadcasting of a symbol of hope to all screens in the city. Their plan worked, breaking everyone free from Myriad and seemingly saving the world. Thankfully, Myriad did not cause amnesia and everyone remembered the events that had happened since the start of Myriad, including James who remembered their Kara’s kiss; YAY! Max soon discovered, though, that Non and Indigo’s secondary plan was to use Myriad to kill everyone on earth if they couldn’t take over which delayed James and Kara’s chance to discuss the kiss; BOO!

Maxwell and the DEO worked together to determine where Non and Indigo were so Supergirl could try to stop them.  Max advised Supergirl that the odds were stacked against her being able to save Earth and herself, calling it a suicide mission.   As a result, Kara went on a goodbye tour, saying what she thought needed to be said to almost everyone close to her in several emotional scenes, which included thank you’s to Winn and Cat and a poignant goodbye to James. 

James – I was thinking that we should finish that conversation that we started earlier that was interrupted

Kara – Yeah, it seems like we are always getting interrupted, doesn’t it

James – Yeah, it does

Kara – Maybe there’s a reason

James – What do you mean?

Kara – I mean, you and me.  Maybe we’re just not meant to be.

James – That’s…that’s kind of a big leap

Kara – James, I know, in my heart, that we could’ve been happy together, but we missed our chance. And now the most important thing to me is that you find happiness.  Find someone that appreciates how amazing you are. (aww!!!!)

J’onn, released from the DEO, and Kara had a final showdown with Non and Indigo, in the Nevadan desert, the location of Fort Rozz, and defeated them both.  Kara used her heat vision to basically fry Non’s brain and J’onn, having had enough of Indigo, literally ripped her in half, which did incapacitate her but did not kill her as she’s basically a living computer program. Indigo had put the final threat of Myriad into effect, though, and it could not be stopped, even with the two of them defeated.  Kara’s only option was to fly Fort Rozz into space, which would kill her but save the Earth.  She had an emotional goodbye with Alex before taking Fort Rozz off of Earth, saving the population.  Alex had an ace up her sleeve, though, and used the pod that brought Supergirl to Earth to save her after Fort Rozz was moved far enough away from the planet.

James shows Kara a picture he took of her in Supergirl 1x20

Team Supergirl, consisting of Eliza Danvers, Kara, Winn, James, Alex and J’onn, back in his Hank Henshaw guise, ended with a family dinner to celebrate their victory.  And, at long last, we the long suffering shippers of Karolsen, got the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  James pulled Kara to the side, to give her a gift; a photo he took not of Supergirl, but of Kara. 

Kara – “Oh.  I’m squinting.”

James – “No, you’re smiling with your eyes.  Like you are now.  That’s what happens when you’re happy.”

Kara – “Yeah.  I am happy. Thank you.”

And then, without any further preamble, James reciprocated the kiss that Kara gave him before Myriad began.  And boy, what a kiss! It was a little disappointing that they were interrupted and called back to the dining room with the group before either of them could say anything but their feelings were all over their faces.  They, like us, could not have been happier that they finally got to have that moment where they both fully acknowledged their feelings for each other, to each other, and made Karolsen official.  Squee!

The episode ended with a triumphant toast for Team Supergirl before a crash landing interrupted the festivities and pulled Kara and J’onn away.  They discovered a pod, identical to the one that had brought Kara to Earth. But who is the occupant?


-J’onn, thanks to his actions helping Supergirl save the world, has been granted a full pardon and returned to his role as the head of the DEO.

-Calista Flockheart, as Cat Grant, got to indirectly mention her husband again this week by referencing the movie Working Girl. (Great movie, by the way, if you’ve never seen it!)

-Eliza Danvers has now been told that Jeremiah is alive and being held at Cadmus and that Alex, Hank and Supergirl are committed to finding him.

-Kara has been promoted from Cat’s assistant and can basically write her own ticket at CatCo moving forward, within reason.  She now has her own office and, best of all, she is now “Kara” instead of “Kira” to Cat.

-Superman, who got caught up in Myriad’s mind control last week and could not help Kara, made another appearance, of sorts.  Last week, we got to see him flying into National City, in the distance, before Myriad took over his mind.  This week, we got to see his boots as he lay unconscious at the DEO, recuperating.

-Alex and Supergirl had the most touching goodbye when she thought she was on a suicide mission.  I have truly enjoyed the development of their relationship over this season and their sister moments have been some of the most emotional moments of the show.

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Memorable Quotes:

Max, when asked what’s in Nevada: “In my experience, mediocre buffets and regret.”

Cat, after Kara’s “goodbye” to her: “That was either my eulogy or your dictated suicide note.  Is there something you need to tell me?”

Kara to Winn: “Thank you for being such a great friend, always.  Your friendship is one of the best parts of my life.”

Kara to James: “I care about you a lot, James Olsen.  Always remember that.”

Charting the Course: Well, we got what we wanted, or at least the start of it.  From the start, James and Kara’s chemistry and shared knowledge of her secret bonded them and gave promise of a romantic relationship.  Over this season, we saw their friendship grow, fall apart and mend back together, even stronger.  We saw them weather many storms, including his relationship with Lucy Lane and her flirtations with other men.  In the end, they realized they belonged together, admitted their feelings and sealed the deal with a kiss. 

Next Steps: At this point, we don’t know if Supergirl will be renewed for a second season.  If it isn’t, we did at least get confirmation that Kara and James are embarking on a relationship and they will always be happy and together in our minds.  Thinking optimistically, though, we have to hope that the show does get renewed.  If and when it does, we can look forward to their relationship to evolve now that they’ve become more than friends.  And maybe, we can get some darn shirtlessness from Mechad!  SHEESH!

Thanks for watching and squeeing along with me during this season!  It’s been quite a ride! 

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