Mar 16 2016 11:00am

Quiz: What Type of Romance Novel Are You?

What should you be reading? With more options on the romance reading market than any other point in history—there’s over three hundred thousand romance titles available for Kindle alone—it can be overwhelming to decide what to dive into next. 

So to help you narrow down your next reading choice, we’ve put together a handy quiz to help you pick a genre.  After that, you’re on your own!



As humans, we’re actually happiest when presented with three good choices, rather than three hundred good choices.  Do you ever stand at Baskin Robbins for an hour, silently screaming in your head, “I DON’T KNOW!  DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! I’M ONLY HUMAN!”  Your brain is in lockdown, overwhelmed with information.  It’s fine—the Baskins servers are totally used to people rocking in the fetal position murmuring, “Honey-nut-caramel-double-chocolate-macadamia-red-velvet-rainbow,” on repeat.

(Disclaimer: every romance sub-genre on Amazon has about 50,000 titles each, so it’s still pretty tough to choose.  Sign up for our H&H newsletter for special news, reviews and deal alerts in your inbox every week, and refine things down a little further.)

Happy quizzing!

Kate J. Squires made her romantic fiction debut writing serialized stories on Wattpad, the world's number one free reading app.  After gaining a following of more than 75,000 readers, several of her Wattpad novels have been released as ebooks through major publishers, including 30 lays in 30 Days,and its sequel, 32 Lays Later.  As well as writing it, Kate adores reading serialized fiction, and here she shares all the feels when it comes to stories that unfold a chapter at a time.


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1. wsl0612
Ummm, nooo, I wouldn't watch the Twilight movies on a bet! And I don't read my horoscope. And I think the ocean is trying to kill me (seriously I can get stressed out listening to the waves at night as I imagine the ocean is trying to creep up and get me). This is very puzzling. I think the results are more attuned to the fact that I'm very imaginative.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Hmmm. I can work with this:

You belong in a contemporary romance!

You are a pragmatic optimist. You see how amazing the world could be if it was just a little bit different – like if the cute guy you met at the concert was actually a billionaire CEO rather than the assistant sandwich artist at a Subway. You need a story that gives you hope about your own life – that all guys aren’t like that creep from Tinder who asked you to rate his dick-pic on a scale from awesome to cum-tastic…
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
I got contemporary, which probably suits me most these days, but I expected to get historical because I do love me some castles.
4. J.Patrick
I got contemporary as well. Probably because I stand at the coffee shop wondering when the billionaire will walk in and whisk me away. Where is my Prince Charming and all his alpha male presence, but loving beta traits.
5. PaigeTurner
I got Motorcycle Club romance. I'm happy with that love motorcycle romances and historical romance so im happy with either.
Motorcycle club ~ uh, just no! Love my Regency, with an occasional contemporary thrown in.
Elizabeth Poteet
8. ElizabethPoteet
Wait, so that cute guy from the concert is NOT a billionaire CEO?????????
Jennifer Proffitt
9. JenniferProffitt
@ElizabethPoteet, sadly no!!! you should give it a try ;) You're missing out apparently!
10. PhoebeChase
I got motorcycle club romance with...wait for it...a handly link to a post I did about a Kristen Ashley motorcycle club book. HA!

The hardest question to answer was the favorite animated movie.
11. stacymd2
Fun & funny quiz. I got "contemporary romance."
If a guy refered to his "manly bits" as a lightsaber, I'd run screaming from the room.
12. Schadenfreudian
Motorcycle club romance... I've never read any and I would have been down to try until I read "orgies". Yeah, no, I'm good.
Jennifer Proffitt
13. JenniferProffitt
@schadenfreudian, You should give it a try! Joanna Wylde, Kristen Ashley... all offer great MC romances and very few orgies :)
14. ms bookjunkie
Motorcycle club romance? No thanks! But I'll tweak it a little and go with Kit Rocha's O'Kanes… (Bootleggers, not MC. *grin*)
15. Kathleen O
Contemporary Romance.. I am not surprised by this.
17. Massey
Historical Romance, "Hit the Nail on the Head". Historical Romance is so me.
18. Kareni
Hmm, I too landed in a motorcyle romance. (Which is really pretty funny!)
19. willaful
I feel really dumb but... where are people finding this quiz? The only link I see in this article goes to a discussion of what kind of genres you like.
Heather Waters
20. HeatherWaters
@willaful -- Not at all, I'm sorry it's not more clear! Is the blue button that says "Let's Play" loading for you? If not, the plugin may not be loading right on your screen and we'll look into that.
21. reanderson
that was kind of weird. I got MC romance. Which I actually rather dislike. But to be fair I think I confused it because the first thing in my closet was a clock because I work in 1771 (I don't have a corset, I have stays); then I chose whiskey because, yum, whiskey; then wings; then no animated movie and a random choice for TV series since I wouldn't choose any of those.

Does it calculate out for MC if you seem kinda flighty but like whiskey? : )
22. Stephanie F
I got Fantasy.. I agree with Fantasy( love reading Fantasy) but not the description, lol. I've never had a horoscope(and won't), didn't like the Twilight movies and while the ocean is beautiful and I like to look at it, I'm with wslo612 in that it wants to kill me, lol.
23. willaful
Oh! It's not, probably because of noscript. Thanks for clearing that up for me!
24. willaful
Ok, I got sci fi novel, which is one of the genres I almost never read... but I guess that's not what it's judging. ;-)
25. allyson55
Yes, I'll go along with fantasy but I never read horoscopes, have no intention of watching any of the Twilight movies, sparkly vampires - Puhlease! and the ocean scares me. I do enjoy were-animals, vampires, dragons, elves and faeries though. I also enjoy cowboys, sci-fi, contemporary and erotic, I guess I'm a mixed bag that's hard to pin down.
26. thetinlady
Haha, definitely got me on Fantasy... right down to the Twilight DVDs (blush)... not so much the ocean, but quite close :) Cannot wait for a movie version of the Dark Hunters....imagine the number of DVDs I can accumulate :P
27. thetinlady
....oh yes... and don't forget the BDB or the Fallen Angels.... so many heroes to choose from....
28. Sylviah
interesting. I belong in a Western Romance. I reckon that's about right.
29. Sherily
Pretty much on point. Cool!!!! :)

You belong in a FantasyYou’re a glorious dreamer. You read your horoscope, have had at least one psychic reading in your life, and have an unexplained affinity with the ocean. You also think the Twilight movies weren’t that bad… (You loved them. You have them all on DVD and watch them when you’re sad.) And if there’s a heaven, you’ll be rocking your own mermaid tail or elf ears or shifter ability on the other side of the pearly gates. Hell, maybe all three.
Kathy Kamrath
30. applik
Western Romance. which happens to be what I've been binging on lately:-)
31. magnoliasouth
I got historical romance and while that's true, I'm not as into "corsets" as one would think. Honestly, the questions left out the one aspect of romance novels that I fall into: sexy, hot and suspense. I like action in my romances. *sigh* What a solitary life I lead, right? ;)
32. Elizabeth Dougan
I got fantasy which is true. I love stories about powers, witches, vampires etc.
33. estoyaqui
Had the premonition I got what I got. The other choices did not appeal to me.
34. slfoster01
I got sci-fi- which is where I started my life of reading, oh so many moons ago. I do love a good sci-fi romance; in the catagory, time-travel is my fav.
35. Gloria W.
I got Fantasy. I love to read. I read everything.
36. Ashima
I got contemporary romance which is totally correct!!!
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