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Not OK: Supergirl 1x16 Karolsen Heart-to-Heart

Supergirl talks back to Alex in Supergirl 1x16

Show/Episode: Supergirl Season 1, Episode 16, “Falling”
Ship(s): Kara/James (Karolsen)

Supergirl 1x16 Captain's Log

Well, dammit.  Things had been moving along swimmingly, looking so promising and then this episode came along and nearly everything fell apart.  Drama-wise, it was an excellent episode with great conflict and high levels of emotion.  For the shippers amongst us, though, ugh…this one hurt!

This week’s villain of the week turned out to be…surprise, surprise, Kara herself!  During a rescue she was dosed with a synthetic red kryptonite that had been cooked up and planted by Maxwell Lord to hopefully kill Non.  Instead, it affected Kara, causing her to act on seemingly every Ill-advised, negative, petty thought she’s ever had.  It changed her attitude from happy-go-lucky and good natured to spiteful and mean-spirited.  Seriously, she was giving a clinic in jerkified jackassery.  (No, neither word exists but, trust me, they fit!) She managed to upset Winn, by getting his boo thang Siobahn fired, she dropped Cat off her balcony and let her fall for 40 stories before swooping in to save her, she ended up being the reason Hank had to reveal himself as J’onn J’onzz to the world (more on that later because TEARS!) and she said scathing and hurtful things to Alex.  And then, there was James.  Sigh.

Oh, fellow Karolsen shippers, we had such high hopes. Winn has moved on to his own relationship, Lucy is out of the picture and it seemed like smooth sailing ahead for James and Kara.  But, alas, it is not meant to be.  Not yet, at least.  James is dealing with his break up with Lucy and not willing to admit to Kara that she was the cause of it.  Kryptonite Kara definitely caught his eye with her change in how she dressed and made herself up (she was catching everyone’s eyes, in fact) but James was able to tell almost immediately that something wasn’t right.  James and Kara hit the dance floor together and, just as things were on the verge of turning sexy, Kryptonite Kara ruined it by 1) bringing up Lucy and 2) nearly breaking James’ arm to stop him from walking away from her.  Basically, she was being the opposite of sexy.

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Maxwell Lord approached the DEO to help them try to save Kara, after she became a menace to the city and was ultimately able to synthesize an antidote.  Even after Kara was returned to her normal self, though, the damage had already been done on all fronts.  Especially with James.  We all know that James and Kara both love each other.  They just haven’t said it to each other.  And we almost got it.  We were literally a couple of words away, but Kara’s actions and words changed things too much and James wouldn’t let her say it.

Kara: “Why do I get the feeling we’re not ok?”
James: “Because we’re not.”

Kara: “I don’t hate Lucy….I was jealous of her.  I would be jealous of anyone you loved.  James, I am in…”
James: “Don’t finish that sentence.  I need a little time to think.”

UGH! We were so close!  Although, Karolsen shipper that I am, I can admit that now really was not the time.  Kryptonite Kara really screwed things up.  They both need some time, I think.  Still, though, that last conversation they had hit me right in the feels.

Sassy Kara is Sassy in Supergirl 1x16


-Kara and Alex’s relationship has taken a hit as a result of Kryptonite Kara’s words and actions.  Among other things, she tried to kill her sister, denied even being her sister and accused her of killing her Aunt Astra out of jealousy.  Oof.  Alex did reassure Kara that she is her sister and nothing will ever change that so I’m sure their sister bond will remain intact.

-Supergirl and Cat also have some rebuilding to do but Cat, surprisingly, seems like she may be the most forgiving of Supergirl’s reprehensible actions while she was under the effects of the red Kryptonite

-The DEO was on the verge of getting a big boost to their budget thanks to Senator Crane going to bat for them but Hank being exposed as being an alien has likely put the kibosh on that.

-Hank.  Oh Hank.  My favorite thing about this show has been the relationship building and the familial relationship that has developed between Hank, Alex and Kara is my second favorite thing to Karolsen.  Hank sacrificing his secret identity to save Alex from being killed by Kryptonite Kara was the ultimate fatherly gesture from him to them.  I’m not ok, y’all.  Up above I indicate that my post episode emotional state was “feeling all the feels” and a fair amount of those feels came from Hank.  *sob*  

Memorable Quotes:

James to Kara about his break-up with Lucy: “It had nothing do to with you or Supergirl”  (LIAR!)  

James to Kara about Lucy: “Maybe I didn’t love her as much as I should.  Maybe I didn’t love her as much as I thought I did.”

Kara: “I don’t wanna be The Rebound Girl.”
Alex: “Rebound relationships…they can work”
Kara: “Name one.”
Alex: “Kim and Kanye.”
Kara: “I’m embarrassed you even know that”

Alex to Kara: “Be the Let Him Know Girl before another Lucy Lane swoops in and tells him first.”

James: “Let’s go get a drink with Winn.”

Kara: “Why would I get a drink when I’m finally getting what I want?  What I want is what the Poor Man’s Lois Lane was too idiotic to keep.” (OUCH!)

Cat to Kryptonite Kara: “Brazen.  That’s a new color on you.  I don’t hate it.  Yet.”

Alex: “You could’ve run.  Why didn’t you run?”
Hank: Because I’d spend 1000 years in this cell to keep you and your sister safe.” (ALL. OF. THE. FEELS!)

Charting the Course: The course has been destroyed.  We had made such great progress.  We seemed to be on the verge of Kara and James finally admitting their feelings to each other after all of the obstacles thrown in their way since they met.  But now, we may have some rough times ahead before things get good for them again. 

Next Steps: Kara needs to rebuild her reputation and regain the trust of National City and all of those around her.  She needs to deal with the things she said and did and may face some retribution from those she wronged, and there are many.  James has some soul searching to do before he can finally be honest with himself and Kara.  I predict angst…so much angst, in our near future with this ship. Hang on for the bumpy ride!

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