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More Than Three’s Not a Crowd: Looking at Reverse Harem in CL Stone’s The Academy Series

The Academy Introductions by  C.L. Stone

If you’re a fan of love triangles what if I told you there was a series that was more like a love octagon except there’s more than eight people? Still interested? Then you’ll want to pick up C.L. Stone’s The Academy.

If you like reverse harem stories, this is for you as Sang Sorensen enters her high school and becomes friends with a group of mysterious boys who work for an institution only known as The Academy. C.L. Stone also offers a New Adult version of The Academy featuring a young woman named Kayli who has made thieving skills. Both series are saort of like Ouran High School Host club in book format, Sang and Kayli have not one but more than four different types of guys (can’t remember the last count). I’m not going list them all but rather look at a couple of questions readers might have regarding the series:

1. What is reverse harem and how does it apply to The Academy?

Reverse harem is basically a story where a female character is given the option of multiple suitors as opposed to the harem trope where a man is given the option of multiple female suitors (think the Bachelorette versus the Bachelor).

2. Are there sexy times in these books?

The answer is...sort of. Sang and her boys are more of a PG-13 romance for now whereas Kayli and her guys definitely fit into the New Adult category. The nice thing about both series is that you can choose one and follow it or you can choose both as there is some intersection between the two series but you can follow either story simulatenously.

3. I prefer traditional romances with a one girl, one guy relationship, why should I try reverse harem?

You should try this series if you are looking for something new with a little bit of sexual tension and a series with every trope under the sun. Broody, artistic type? Got it. Older guardian-ward sort of relationship? It’s got it. In addition I can’t say how without giving away too many spoilers, but C.L. Stone makes the relationships work with a pseudo-monogamy thing going on in the background. I can say for the average reader it’s as unconventional as the popularity of stepbrother books or the breeding romance craze that is Romancelandia. However, these books are not erotic fiction despite the multiple love interests, but more of a romantic fantasy with a good dose of multiple romantic tropes in two different settings.

The Other Side of Envy by C.L. Stone

The nice thing about The Academy series is that Stone has plotted the books out for multiple installments in each series with each book focusing on a different character in regards to the romantic interests. My particular favorite character happens to be in Sang’s series, Gabriel. He’s an artistic type with a crazy past and his book, The Other Side of Envy, book eight in Sang’s series, really struck a chord as the reader gets to spend the whole book getting to know Gabriel and how he relates to Sang in his own unique way. In addition to the multiple installments, C.L. Stone does a good job of keeping her fanbase in the loop providing teasers, a couple of spoilers and great newsletter updates from “The Academy,” I’ll be honest and say I own a Gabriel-themed t-shirt. If you’re looking for a series to satisfy the fangirl in you or want to read a book with more than one trope, jump on The Academy train today.


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