Mar 25 2016 7:06am

Celebrate Arwen and Aragorn with Tolkien Reading Day!

The theme of this year's Tolkien Reading Day is Life, Death and Immortality—a theme often explored in Tolkien's novels. No couple faced this issue more than Aragorn and Arwen—everyone can remember the famous line from the movie “I choose a mortal life” as she chose to stay with Aragorn over leaving with the other Elves. There were so many great moments!

Did you love Aragorn and Arwen? What was your favorite Lord of the Rings couple? How will you be celebrating the day?


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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I always LOVED Arwen and Aragorn! I mean, Viggo Mortensen in that role is PERFECT and I loved that they fleshed out the relationship more in the movie.
2. brontëgirl
I did not see the movies.
Favorite LOTR couple? Eowyn & Faramir.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@brontëgirl, There's this extended scene in The Return of the King that MAKES that couple! It's so good! I wish it had been in the final cut.
4. Diane Dawson
While Arwen and Aragorn are a fantastic couple, I agree with the previous commenter and choose Eowyn and Faramir as my favorite. After Aragorn, my favorite hero? Eomer.
Kerly Luige
5. Celebrinnen
As much as I like Aragorn+Arwen and Faramir+Eowyn, I think there was a couple who did face this issue more - Beren and Luthien. True, they were not in the movies, but their story is perhaps the strongest and most important of all love stories of Middle-Earth (it's no coincidence Tolkien's gravestone bears the name "Beren" while Edith's says "Luthien" under their own names).
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