Mar 4 2016 11:30am

Before We Retire to the Dower House... We Have 5 Burning Downton Abbey Questions

Downton Abbey Christmas Finale and 5 Burning Questions

We're all sad that our beloved Downton Abbey is coming to an end in the U.S. There's only one more episode left. Yes, that's correct—just one episode left! If memory serves us correctly, there's still much more to discuss, see, and feel. Which brings us to our 5 Burning Downton Abbey questions leading up to the Christmas finale:

  1. Will the Bates baby be a Christmas baby? 
  2. Will Edith finally make it down the aisle? 
  3. Is Henry's grief going to take a toll on his marriage with Mary?
  4. Are any of the characters safe from death?! 
  5. Will Carson retire, and, if so, will he and Mrs. Hughes move to London? 

These are just a few of the questions we're hoping get answered... Are there any lingering questions you have? What do you hope to see happen that would give you closure in the Downton Abbey Christmas finale?


P.S. Stay tuned to H&H in the coming weeks for Naz Keynejad's thoughtful analysis of the whole show and what it all means, and more Downton articles, because we're not at all ready to say good-bye.


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