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“You Make Me Better”: Supergirl 1x14 Karolsen Heart-to-Heart

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x14 Kara has assistant competition.

Show/Episode: Supergirl Season 1, Episode 14, “Truth, Justice and the American Way”

Ship(s): Kara/James (Karolsen)

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x14 Karolsen Captain's Log

Well, this one was a tense one.  We finally had some movement toward the resolution of the Kara/James/Lucy triangle, including some very highly charged moments between James and Kara, but, unfortunately for those of us rooting for Karolsen, the scenes did not necessarily go our way.

Kara spent most of this episode angry at nearly everyone in her life and this week’s villain, Fort Rozz guard turned vigilante cop, Master Jailer.  The only person she seemingly did not have any problems with this week was her sister Alex, who is dealing with a fair amount of guilt for continuing to keep Kara in the dark regarding the true circumstances of Aunt Astra’s demise. There were lots of clenched jaws and narrowed eyes and broken phones and yelling and overall not-Kara-like behavior from Kara all episode long.  Her anger and lashing out is understandable though considering the episode started with her aunt’s memorial service and a warning from Non that he was out to kill her.  Then, she got to the office to find that Cat had hired a new assistant to help her with her job but the new assistant is now #1 and Kara has been demoted to Cat’s #2.  Her grief about Aunt Astra, who she still believes was killed by Hank, caused her to be a complete jerk to him every time they encountered each other. And she couldn’t count on James to be her shoulder to lean on because he also had problems with her. We just had angst all over the place!

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x14 Kara and James argue at work

James and Lucy were tasked by Cat to find out where Maxwell Lord is. Cat suspects he may have been kidnapped due to a major problem with one of his company’s products not prompting him to make a public statement.  Lucy, with her government ties, was quickly able to determine that the DEO was holding him and caught James in a lie when he let on that he also knew and then tried to backtrack when she questioned him about it, leading her to surmise that he knows because of Supergirl and storm out when she realized he’d been keeping things from her. James confronted Kara twice about the DEO holding Maxwell against his will, denying him his rights and acting above the law.  He confessed his discomfort with the situation and also expressed that he was also uncomfortable with Kara’s own personal actions, not just those of the DEO. We finally got some alone time for our favorite couple but, unfortunately, they were not happy or romantic times.  They were true to their friendship, though, in that James told Kara what she needed to hear, even if she didn’t want to hear it.

Kara: “James, I hear you but it’s not your job to worry about the DEO’s ethics.”
James: “It’s not the DEO’s ethics I’m worried about.”


James to Kara: “When you have more power than any human army on Earth, you have to be better than this.”

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x14 Just Friends gif
TV Recap: Supergirl 1x14 friends with benefits gif
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After a heart to heart with Cat, James realized he had a responsibility to be truthful to Kara and also Lucy.  Kara had her own heart to heart with one of Master Jailer’s intended victims, causing her to realize that James was right and she was wrong in the way she and the DEO were treating Maxwell Lord.  In the end, Kara and the DEO released Maxwell Lord, warning him that they have just as much dirt on him as he does on them, to try to keep him from spilling Kara’s secret. Kara thanked James for helping her to realize the right path and his response was to tell her that he needs to be able to tell Lucy the truth about Supergirl, if he wants their relationship to be completely honest. UGH. Lucy, again. BOOOOO.

Memorable Quotes:

Non to Kara, following Astra’s memorial service – “I shall observe the period of mourning and then, Kara Zor-El, the next coffin shall be yours.”

Kara to Siobhan, re: James: “No, we’re just friends, no benefits.  Except, the benefit of friendship.”

Siobhan to Kara: “Just doing your job; one of us has to.”

Lucy to James re: Supergirl: “How close are you two? Are you as close with her as you are with him? Closer? Fool me once, right?”

Kara to Alex:  “Ooh, I’ve wanted to catch a corrupt cop ever since we binge watched The Wire!”

Kara: “You make me a better hero.”
James: "You make me better, too.”

Charting the Course: We have finally gotten back to dealing with the sticky triangle of Kara/James/Lucy.  James has had feelings for both Kara and Lucy both all season but, up until now, he’s seemed to indicate a preference for Kara, even going as far as to declare his love for her, though she didn’t hear it. Now that he’s asked Kara’s permission to share the secret with Lucy, in order to strengthen and be true to their relationship, it seems his preference may have shifted.

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Next Steps: Kara has a decision to make, whether to allow James to share her secret with Lucy or not.  Doing so may have much larger implications than just clearing the air between James and Lucy.  Lucy’s father being an alien hating government official could mean more problems for Kara and a stronger tie between James and Lucy may deal a large blow to the Karolsen ship. I still have hope, though! Previews for the next episode indicate James will be making a trip with Kara to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.  Let’s hope all the cold and alone time will heat things up between the two!



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