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You Had Me at Alpha: New Adult Romance Best Bets for February 2016

Power Play by Sophia Henry

One of my favorite heroes is the Alpha but, there can be different types! Sometimes there’s the quiet alpha which can be applied to some of the heroes listed here or the blatant alpha’s that reeks of that pheromone which you can also find here. These type of heroes want what they want and they go after it but, also treat their true partners like the queens to their king. Read below to find just a few from this month’s list of New Adult best bets for February.  

Power Play by Sophia Henry gives us a different look at hockey heroes. It’s the second in the Pilots hockey series but can be read as a standalone. Landon Tyler is trying to make his way up from the hockey minor leagues and also trying to score with Gabriella. They’ve grown up together but haven’t had many interactions, that all changes in a matter of seconds. Landon is the first to be Gabriella’s shoulder to lean on and when the pressure gets tough, his arms are the ones she wants to be in. Fun and with a very interesting view into life in Detroit, these two will wrap you up in their whirlwind romance.

Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez is the last in her On the Ropes series and, what a knockout ending it is. Quarry and Liv have been best friends for what seems like forever, supporting each other in every goal and accomplishment but, especially when they both lost Mia. As Liz and Quarry grow even closer in solidarity over their grief he realizes Mia was his first love and Liz is his soulmate. This is a story that resonates with love. Quarry fights for Liz and proves that she’s his soul mate. A friends-to-lovers story that will have you grabbing tissues, it’ll prove that love should be felt Every. Single. Day

Saving Steele by Anne Jolin

Saving Steele by Anne Jolin features Kennedy and Jackson. Jackson has received shocking and surprising news that sends him reeling. Kennedy loves her job and has sunk herself into being the best teacher she can be especially after she realizes she’s in for a lonely future. She uses lists and her organization skills to keep herself in a bubble for protection. Jackson blows right through that with every Alpha Male trait he has (just look at the cover). This is a fast read that hits all the right spots.

Hallowed Ground by Rebecca Yarros is sadly the last novel in one of my favorite series, Flight & Glory. Josh and Ember are the bookends of the series, they were the first couple and now the last. This book follows life AFTER flight school, focuses on the very real factor that Josh is heading to war. Highlighting the love between Josh and Ember that is ultimately tested, it’s a no-holds-barred view of life in the military.

Identical Disaster by C.M. Owens is a fast-paced, banter filled case of mistaken identity. Bo always has her twin's sister's back, breaking up with boyfriends is no exception. So what happens when the sexy stranger can't take no for an answer? An insane trip to Hawaii filed with lies and adventure. Jax thinks there's something wrong with Bo but he has no idea how WRONG he is!

RoomHate by Penelope Ward

RoomHate by Penelope Ward has opposites warring for a house they inherited from a person extremely important to their history. Turning these two from enemies into lover is not easy, Justin and Amelia fight it tooth and nail! Living in close quarters forces them to finally come face-to-face with the elephant in the room —making their burning chemistry combust.

The Fable of Us by Nicole Williams is a page-turning second chance romance, basically my kryptonite. Clara and Boone were each other’s firsts until tragedy forced them apart. Clara fled her hometown but years later is forced to come back. Now, that she’s returned she does something completely unexpected and turns her affluent family’s influence on its head taking Boone along for the ride. The power of their connection was strong but can they make up for those lost years?

How to Save a Life by Emma Scott is a story of two outsiders who find each other. Josephine and Evan have been dealt a tough hand, they were the only two in a small town that understood each other. This bonded them and they become something essential to each other. Time, pain, and life won’t keep them apart but they’ll have to fight with everything they have for it. It’s a suspenseful, sweet, original story that is sure to capture your heart.

Wicked, Sexy, Liar by Christina Lauren is the last in the Wild Seasons series and wild it is. Luke and London are both ambivalent people that tend to go with the flow. However, their one night hook up sends this player and surfer girl into a tailspin. When they realize their 6 degrees of separation is more than just a little awkward, they’re forced to acknowledge their hooks up are actually turning into a *gasp*, relationship. Filled with the usual banter and antics this is a great addition to the series along with some new insight into one of my favorite characters, Not-Joe (I totally forgot that actually wasn’t his name).

Jockblocked by Jen Frederick

Jockblocked by Jen Frederick is the second in the Gridiron series and each cover keeps getting hotter and hotter. Lucy has always had her eye on the prize and that prize doesn’t include BMOC linebackers. Matty is in his last year and meets quirky Lucky randomly on campus leading to ….. nothing, actually. Lucy is very guarded and has a select group of friends, she’s not too sure about this golden boy football player pursuing her. Much like on the football field, Matty doesn’t back down from a challenge and gives us a classic NA story that will fill your sports hero loving hearts.

What book will you be snuggling with this month? Let me know in the comments below! 


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