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“This Is How I Like My Mulder”: The X-Files 10x03 Mulder/Scully Romance (MSR) Heart-to-Heart

Mulder and Scully at an autopsy in The X-Files Season 10, episode 3Eight years after The X-Files: I Want to Believe hit theaters and THIRTEEN years after the series finale aired on television, FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are back for a six-episode Season 10 of The X-Files. Suffice to say, I am a WRECK. Won't you join me, fellow Mulder/Scully shippers—you, who coined the phrase “shipping” in the first place—in breaking down each new slice of canon we are gifted? Tonight, following “My Struggle: Part I” and “Founder's Mutation,” we hit the halfway mark of the season (nooooo!!) with 10x03, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” a comedic episode featuring another monster of the week!

Is The X-Files trying to kill us, or what?! One week it's soul-destroying angst, the next it's feel-good meta.

That's right: Even as the show continues to explore serious issues, such as Mulder and Scully's conflicting feelings about being back at the FBI and various other life choices (Williaaaammmm), “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” presents some remarkably comforting and even downright hilarious callbacks to the original series, as well as more proof that Mulder and Scully are right back where they belong—and, wonder of wonders—happily so.

We depend on Fox Mulder to be the guy who wants to believe, and normally there's no theory too out there for him, but at the top of the hour, he's having a bit of a crisis of faith that Scully is determined to see him through by balancing his lower energy out with her own increased enthusiasm. As is always true, when Mulder falters, Scully is right there to back him up, though when my roommate wandered into the room, she asked, “Did Mulder and Scully switch bodies or something?” And...well...she's not wrong. The two have swapped skeptic and believer badges before, but this may be the most delightful time yet.

Over the course of the episode, between Scully's contagious excitement (“You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you?” Mulder asks her during an autopsy) and actually getting to shake the hand of a real, live were-monster (one who reminds Mulder that being a so-called “normal” human being is quite possibly the most ridiculous and just plain tragic fate of all), Mulder's self-doubt and cynicism begin to fade. His earlier comment that “Maybe it's time to put away childish things” becomes a distant memory as he watches Guy Mann transform into a giant lizard and run back to the forest right before his very own (round-as-saucers) eyes.

Of course, who am I kidding? We know why I am wild about this episode: All of the Quality Mulder/Scully Romance Content. Yes, indeed, the MSR shippers' cup runneth over in “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” and these are but a few of the moments that had me grinning like a loon—which scenes filled your shipper heart with glee?

Scully OWNS the X-Files office. “Mulder, what are you doing to my poster?” she asks as she strides into the room, which Mulder has apparently torn apart in frustration since last we saw it in “Founder's Mutation” (this is actually a continuity error because this episode was originally supposed to run before “Founder's Mutation,” not after, but I need to make this work in my own head somehow).

Scully runs to Mulder's rescue and fondles his head after he's “attacked” by the were-monster. She's a medical doctor, you know.

Scully worries for her poster in The X-Files 10x03 Scully welcomes her Mulder back in The X-Files 10.03
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Mulder tries to prove he saw a creature with his terrible cell phone pics and video. We see a flicker of the old Mulder and the normal Mulder/Scully dynamic as he sticks his phone in Scully's face during her autopsy and excitedly tells his skeptical partner that the creature shot blood out its eyeballs. Scully pushes back with science, but can't fully hide her grin. Mulder can hardly contain his surprise, saying, “You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you, Scully?”

Mulder accidentally peeps on Scully. In discovering that their motel's owner is a peeping tom, which he grants anyone staying there should probably expect, Mulder finds himself staring into a sleeping Scully's room. His little smile right before he turns away is oddly sweet. He misses her so!

Mulder peeps on Scully in The X-Files Season 10 episode 3 Mulder smiles in The X-Files 10.03
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Scully wears Mulder's shirt! Writer/director Darin Morgan revealed in a post-episode interview that Scully was supposed to be wearing an old Knicks t-shirt (Mulder's favorite team) but they weren't able to clear the rights in time. He says the shippers would've gone crazy. What he doesn't know is we're STILL going crazy, because this means we can TOTALLY stick to our theory that Scully is sleeping in one of Mulder's shirts.

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Mulder gets his groove back and Scully is HERE FOR IT. Mulder's monster-themed ranting and raving, accounting for both sides of his and Scully's normal argument, pleases Scully to no end, and it's downright ADORABLE when she says, “Yeah, this is how I like my Mulder.” Her. Mulder. Her Mulder. Her Mulder!!!!!!!

Mulder sleeps in a red speedo! Okay, this moment is less for shippers and more for thirsty fans who loved Mulder in that red speedo back in season 2, but don't we all deserve another look?

Mulder in the red speedo

Mulder is NOT here for your Scully fantasies. He can listen to the most incredible story of all time and suspend disbelief, but Mulder immediately knows the were-lizard is lying when he says Scully seduced him and demands that he stop spinning that particular story. NOPE.

Scully gets a puppy in The X-Files season 10 episode 3 Scully steals a puppy in The X-files season 10
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Scully single-handedly takes down the bad guy. And steals a puppy! Lest you forget Scully is a badass, she SLAYS the episode's monster, who it turns out is just your garden-variety serial killer. No big deal. Except to Mulder, who is quite proud but also worried about her recent penchant for running into danger without backup (that's his thing). Scully also slips away from the crime scene with a new puppy, whom she says reminds her of Queequeg, awwwww.

“...Besides, you forget, I'm immortal,” Scully teases Mulder as she PLAYS WITH HIS TIE. A reference to “Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose” AND a Season 7-esque tie flip and flirting, what a world! Then they go home and have sex. The end.

Scully jokes she's immortal
Mulder is in awe of Scully in the X-files season 10
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Memorable Lines

“Mulder, what are you doing to MY poster?” —Scully

“Yeah, this is how I like my Mulder.” —Scully

“Besides, you forget, I'm immortal.” —Scully

“Rather tragically, I found [a job] right away.” —Were-Monster

“Mulder, the internet is not good for you.” —Scully

“I'm just looking for some kind of internal logic.” —Mulder
“Why? There isn't any external logic. To any of it.” —Guy Mann the Were-Monster

“But it's my life too.” —Mulder finally finishing his sentence from the end of “Never Again”?!!!!

“Some jobs keep pulling you back.” —Scully


Photo credit: Ed Araquel/FOX

Heather Waters is the editorial director of H&H and a 24/7 fangirl. She grew up surrounded by The X-Files fans and has been a card-carrying MSR shipper herself since bingeing all 9 seasons (on DVD, no less) and 2 movies in 2008. Find her on Twitter at @hwaters_

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Saundra Peck
1. sk1336
This ep made me smile the ENTIRE time! I felt happy and relaxed, loving the obvious affection that Scully was putting out there as Mulder had his mid life crisis... The speedo made me gasp, Mulder peeping was adorable and Scully stealing a puppy was awesome! Good times
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@sk1336 -- A welcome break after last week, eh? I was thrilled to see Scully's protective streak come out stronger than ever--she really can't help it when it comes to Mulder, even at the expense of her own happiness, which I think is why she left (self-preservation) but also why she always comes back (she loves him). These two never can do things the easy way...

They both had such adorable moments. I can't wait to rewatch. Again.
3. Naira
I think you forgot to include another Scully´s epic line:

" Mulder you are batcrap crazy"
4. Mulder and Scully lover
Thanks, for the recap link. I love all of it, Scully did have his green shirt when she was looking for him I think she wore it once. I remember her being in his apartment and pick it up to smell it and lay on his bed that was sweet. The Speedos was funny, I record it and had to go back to the whole thing but i was not complaining lol smiling. The lines they say, are great. Scully wearing his shirt, they are so together smiling.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@Naira -- You're right, I didn't include that one, thank you for reminding me! That is a great line, and I love how cheerfully Scully says it.

@Mulder and Scully lover -- That's true, Scully has a history of cuddling up with Mulder's shirts! Awwww.
6. Mulder and Scully lover
THANKS Heather, if Scully wearing Mulder flavor team is not love kill me now. They are apart now but the feeling between them is so strong I could feel it, kiss you two lol.
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