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“If Anything Happens to Her...”: Supergirl 1x13 Karolsen Heart-to-Heart

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Show/Episode: Supergirl Season 1, Episode 13, “For the Girl Who Has Everything”
Ship: Kara/James (Karolsen)

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x13 Kara and James Captain's Log

As I suspected might be the case based on the previews at the end of last week’s episode, this week’s show did not spend much time developing any of Kara’s romantic entanglements. Instead, the episode focused on family and what family means to Kara and who she considers her family. Her two possible romantic leads, James and Winn, both were part of the episode and it was firmly established that she thinks of them as family and vice versa but there wasn’t any development on the romantic side.  That said, it was an emotionally packed episode, especially for Kara and Alex.

The ending shot of last week’s episode showed Kara being attacked by some kind of plant. We found out this week it was the Black Mercy, a plant that attaches itself to someone and then keeps them in a coma of sorts, by allowing them to experience their ideal life.  There is no way to externally remove the Black Mercy without killing the host, until the host realizes they are in a dream world and breaks free. Kara found herself on Krypton, with her parents still alive, her aunt still a loving part of her life and her cousin Kal-El (Superman) still a child.

James, Winn, Alex, Hank and even Maxwell Lord had to work together to figure out who was behind the attack and how to free Kara from the Black Mercy’s grasp.  The culprit turned out to be Non, Kara’s Aunt Astra’s husband, as part of their “Myriad” plan to destroy the Earth. Aunt Astra, while still being with Non on the overall goals of “Myriad” was not in favor of Non’s tactics and called a brief truce with Alex , in order to give her crucial information to help Kara. In the Superman story from which this storyline was adapted (“For the Man Who Has Everything”), he has to figure out on his own how to escape. Kara, however, has her extended family to help her and they were all able to work together to bring her out of the dreamlike state and back to reality, ready to confront Non for making her, once again, lose her family on Krypton.

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In the end, Kara admitted that the events of the past few weeks (her problems with Winn, her inability to commit to a relationship with Cat’s son Adam, etc.) had made her long for her original home but that she realized her home and her family is with Alex, James, Winn, and Hank. 

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Other highlights:

-Aunt Astra ended up being killed with a Kryptonite sword by Alex but Hank took the blame for it, later telling Alex that she is Kara’s hero and he wanted her to be able to still feel that way about her.  It seemed that Alex wanted to tell Kara the truth but she decided against it, meaning there is a secret between them that may come out at the worst of times (because that’s how these things go!) .

-Hank impersonated Kara at the office to prevent her from being fired by Cat Grant. As a result, James and Winn are now aware of his shapeshifting abilities but there wasn’t much time spent on the reveal.

-Winn showed remorse for the cold shoulder he’s been giving Kara and the possibility that he might never be able to repair their relationship if she could not be separated from the Black Mercy. His Superbro, James reassured him and, in the end, he did get to confirm for Kara that they are still, indeed, friends.

Memorable Quotes:

James to Hank: “If anything happens to her, I’m coming back for you.”

Alex to James: “I either come back with my sister or I don’t come back at all.”

Alex to Hank about James and Winn: “You don’t know them like I do.  They are her family.”

Cat Grant: “….and if they try to evade you, you remind them I’m still holding on to their Hamilton tickets!”
(SQUEE!!!  Hamilton reference on Supergirl! My worlds collided!  Wait…you don’t know about Hamilton?  Here….use this handy link to go get acquainted and squee with me!)

Maxwell Lord about the Black Mercy: “That was one messed up daffodil!”

Charting the Course: James love Kara. Kara loves James. Winn loves Kara.  Kara love Winn…as a friend.  These have been the themes of the show so far this season and this episode only served to reinforce them.  There was no major movement on any of the romantic entanglements this week but the deep, friendship bond that James, Winn and Kara all share together was strengthened. 

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TV Recap: Supergirl 1x13 James bought ice cream TV Recap: Supergirl 1x13 James bought ice cream
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Next Steps: We did not get a preview for the next episode since next week will be an off week for Supergirl since the Grammys will be airing. We should expect to learn more about Non’s “Myriad” plan.  Additionally, all seems lovely and wonderful in the land of James, Winn and Kara but we know that, eventually, one of them is going to most likely end up hurt.  With such a heartwarming ending this week, with all the friends together for potstickers and ice cream, I wonder if we are being set up for some devastation in the near future.  We shall see! 


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