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Fantasy Casting Christina Lauren’s Wild Seasons Series—You Be the Casting Director!

Author's Note: This post may contain some light spoilers for anyone who is not familiar with the series.

I love Christina Lauren with a passion, and have loved their Wild Seasons series, especially—it has all of my catnip: “oops I married you in Vegas,” friends-to-lovers, opposites attract, and all the naughtiness a girl can handle! Like most readers, I envision each couple as I'm reading, but trying to find their real-life counterpart? Not very easy! So today, I'm crowdsourcing my opinions and giving you the top three actors and actresses I imagine for each main couple, and then letting you decide! Cast your vote for who you imagine would be the perfect actor to play each character–and if you're not happy with any of my decisions? Mix and match down in the comments!

Sweet Filth Boy's Ansel and Mia:

Ansel: For the casting of Ansel I went with a French actor I'm familiar with—Stanley Weber —that might be a touch old for the role, but I love him and I think he's capable of taking on the fun, but sexy persona that is Ansel! For the second and third, I look to Hunter Parrish of Weeds, and William Moseley, best known (to me) for his role in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, but you may now recognize him from The Royals. 

Stanley Weber  William Moseley Hunter Parrish

Mia: For Mia, I looked for waif-like heroines that could pull off Mia's dancer physique while still offering up the edge we found in Mia—after all you can't run off to France without a little bit of edge. Emma Watson has been a much loved actress for me (I'm a Potterhead) and her recent foray into film has really shown her depth as an actress. Willa Holland and Crystal Reed of Arrow and Teen Wolf, respectively, play characters that are far more than they seem—in fact, both characters have found out their family's are not quite who they were lead to believe. I won't psychoanalyze that too much, but suffice to say they are delightful when they are playing the happy-go-lucky side of their characters, and badasses when they're being... well... badasses. 

Emma Watson Willa Holland Crystal Reed

Dirty Rowdy Thing's Finn and Harlow

Finn: Finn, oh dear Finn. You're a man of few words, but the words you do say are dirty AF. We're looking for a big guy here who likes to fish by day... and tie you up by night. Many fans cast Chris Evans in the role, so he can't not be on this list. Meanwhile, Canadian heartthrobs Peter Mooney and Stephen Amell can totally pull off Finn's brooding nature—plus, they would all look good tossing fishing nets in Canada, don't you think?

Peter Mooney Stephen Amell Chris Evans

Harlow: Our resident bad girl! As a fellow redhead, I found myself rooting for her and pretty much wanting to be her the entire novel! Aimee Teegarden is best known to me from Friday Night Lights, but with her red hair (courtesy of The Selection) and more bombshell attire she's been rocking of late, I can totally see her as Harlow—same goes for Margot Robbie who I know is capable of showing off the nuances of Harlow. And last but not least, Still Standings' Renee Olstead is a redhead with signature sass. 

Margot Robbie Aimee Teegarden Renee Olstead

Dirty Wild Night's Lola and Oliver

Lola: Quirky, smart, a little socially inept when it comes to men... Dark Wild Night is my favorite book in the series and I'm pretty sure Lola is my spirit animal. Ksenia Solo of Lost Girl brings the spunk hiding in Lola, and Grace Phipps of Vampire Diaries has the shyness, but steel backbone that Lola has, too. Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson (who is also my spirit animal) is adorkable, nerdy, and endearing—just imagine her with Lola's dark locks. 

Grace Phipps Dakota Johnson Ksenia Solo

Oliver: Ah, the Aussie of my heart! Google Nico Tortorella with glasses and you will see him transform before your eyes into comic store owner Oliver, and while Glen Powell is a little over the top in Scream Queens, I can see him playing the caring and protective friend (turned lover) to Lola. And Jesse Spencer really deserves to use his native Australian accent more!

Glen Powell  Nico Tortorella Jesse Spencer

Wicked Sexy Liar's London and Luke

London: London is described as a sweet, All-American, surfer girl. She's pretty new to the group, but she quickly fits in! London, like all good characters, is more than that though and has closely guarded her heart—until Luke! I've loved Teresa Palmer since Warm Bodies and I'm an avid fan of Ashley Benson on Pretty Little Liars. Meanwhile, Britt Robertson was the second best thing about The Longest Ride (after Scott Eastwood's abs).

Britt Robertson Teresa Palmer Ashley Benson


Luke: He's a good boy turned bad boy—I love it! Chace Crawford a la What to Expect When You're Expecting is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy and if you take away Matt Lanter's face tattoos from Star Crossed, he's definitely Luke material. That leaves Sam Claflin who stole my heart in Love, Rosie—and I think he has enough of a player in him to pull off Luke's naughtier side. 

Chace Crawford Sam Claflin Matt Lanter

So what do you think of these picks?  What changes would you make to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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1. JennC
I like Henry Cavill for Finn, myself. Big and tall and brooding. :)
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@JennC, I almost put him but I thought he might be a touch old... Not to say some of these guys AREN'T but...

Also, this post deserves a Henry Cavill PSA because 5 days ago he posted on Instagram this Superman picture.
Manda Collins
3. mandacollins
Though she's a bit old for the role, I kept imagining Lola as Krysten Ritter (from Jessica Jones). I think it was the way her hair was described.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@mandacollins, OOH! I can totally see that! Agree she's a tad old but if the men can age up, so can the women!
5. Carol Foley
Jeff Kasser for Oliver in Dark Wild Night
7. hina
Théo James: Ansel
Emma Stone :Harlow
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
@hina, both of those were on my mind too! This was so hard. I wasn't sure if Emma would bring the bombshell factor enough but I 100% think Theo could pully off sexy/sweet/goofy Ansel!
9. Carrie Hampton
Okay ... some of these might be more "types" than actual casting.

Mia = Alison Brie or Alexis Bledel // Ansel = James McAvoy

Harlow = Gemma Arterton, Nina Dobrev or Camilla Belle // Finn = Henry Cavill or Taylor Kinney {remember - Finn is older than everyone else. it comes up a lot in convo w how much younger Harlow is then him. He's well into his 30's}

Lola = Emilia Clarke or Jaimie Alexander // Oliver = Liam Hemsworth or Chris Pratt {someone big & blonde. If American they HAVE to be able to pull off the accent}

London = Gabriella Wilde or Choloe Moretz // Luke = Scott Eastwood or Taylor Kitsch
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
@Carrie Hampton, I agree with a LOT of these. For me, I can totally see the cheeky/sexy vibe of James McAvoy as Ansel!
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