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Is It Kira or Kara?: Supergirl 1x11 Karolsen Heart-to-Heart

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x11 Who is this stranger Adam?

Note: This post may contain spoilers of the Season 1, Episode 11 of Supergirl

TV RECAP: Supergirl 1x11 Kara and James Captain's Log

Show/Episode: Supergirl, Season 1, Episode 11, “Strange Visitor from Another Planet”

Ship(s):Kara/James (Karolsen)

This week’s episode gave us more deep character study (after last week’s focus on Winn Schott’s Sr. and Jr.) and plenty of drama and angst. Unfortunately, though, for the shippers among us, it did not give us any significant movement on the Karolsen relationship.  It did, however, introduce a new character that could lead to a new romance for Kara. As if Kara and James didn’t already have enough roadblocks in their way. Overall, though, the episode was heartfelt and enlightening and set up some intriguing storylines for the future.

Deeper knowledge of familial relationships was the theme of the episode.  Our monster of the week was a White Martian, an enemy of J’onn Jonzz/Hank Henshaw (he being a Green Martian). The fallout of J’onn using abilities last week is that he has been tracked by a White Martian, intent on killing him, the last Green Martian.  The White Martian used a rally by an alien-hating senator, Miranda Crane, as a way to draw J’onn out and then took the guise of Miranda in order to infiltrate DEO headquarters. J’onn, still traumatized by the deaths of his family at the hands of White Martians, waffled between being too traumatized to act in the face of the White Martian to being willing to sacrifice his life to finally join the rest of his kind to finally being ready to murder the White Martian avenge his people.  As usual, Supergirl, with assistance from Alex, were there to save the day and help Hank make the right choice, to imprison the White Martian after a rather bad ass mid air battle between J’onn, Supergirl and the White Martian. There were also several poignant moments, though, especially regarding J’onn’s unending anguish over the deaths of his family.  He and the Danvers sisters were able to strengthen their bond.

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x11 Kara meets AdamAlso dealing with a lot of angsty family drama this week was Cat Grant.  Unbeknownst to her, Kara used her knowledge of Cat’s regret regarding her son Adam Foster and written to Adam on Cat’s behalf.  Adam came to town, wanting to meet the mother that had sent him the beautiful letter.  Cat initially fired Kara but, as has been the case every time she’s done this before, she quickly forgot about the firing and relied on Kara to help her through the situation. It did not take him long to realize it wasn’t Cat that sent it.  Adam and Kara ran into each other, before either knew who the other was and, unfortunately for those of us shipping Karolsen, sparks flew immediately between them.  (Fun fact: Adam is played by Melissa Benoist’s (Supergirl) real-life spouse Blake Jenner) Kara ended up having much better chemistry with Adam than he had with is mother but, as usual, Supergirl was able to save the day by mediating between them after they had a disastrous dinner together.  Their second meeting ended up being much better for them both.  So much so that Adam decided to stay in town longer than he had initially planned.  Which led to him asking Kara out.  I told your sparks flew! Bad news for Karolsen!

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x11 Kara and James scanning proofs

Speaking of, Kara and James had precious little time around each other this week. They were only in two scenes together, but one was pivotal to the overall story in that by going over his proofs from the senator’s rally, they were able to figure out that the White Martian had shape shifted into Miranda Crane.  There was a bit of awkwardness involving James taking a phone call that Kara assumed was from Lucy but besides that, our ship did not said any further along this week, sadly.

Winn is still licking his wounds from last week and is keeping his distance from Kara, not even wanting to engage in small talk with her. Worth noting, though, is that, in the comics, Adam Foster (who is much younger than he’s portrayed on the show) does meet his demise at the hands of….Winslow Schott. Curious timing that he is introduced one week after we met Winn’s extremely unghinged father…who made a point to note that his son is just like him and during the time that Winn is dealing with the rejection of Kara, don’t you think? We shall see how that all plays out on the show.

Memorable Lines: 

Adam Foster re: Cat Grant: Is she really as horrible as everyone says?  Breathes fire, eats babies.”  
Kara: “Miss Grant is tough, but she’s amazing.  Not only at her job but as a person.  She’s pretty badass.”

Adam Foster: “I’m confused; is it ‘Kira’ or ‘Kara’?”
Kat: “It’s ‘Kira’ for your mom and ‘Kara’ literally for everyone else on the planet.  And beyond.”

Hank Henshaw to Kara and Alex: “Any man would be proud to call you his daughters”.

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x11 Kara and James Chemistry fading

Charting the Course: James and Kara, who initially had off the charts chemistry, have cooled down quite a bit.  James is in a committed relationship with Lucy, though he occasionally still shows evidence that he’s still thinking about Kara.  For now, though, he seems content to find more joy in his job and keep things professional with Kara.  Kara is still recovering from finding out that Winn is in love with her and is miserable about the current loss of him as a friend as he deals with the fact that Kara does not share his feelings.  Kara’s seeming love triangle from earlier in the season has fallen apart for now as she and her two superbros did not share any scenes together this week.

Next Stop: Well, we may have danger ahead, Karolsen shippers!  Adam Foster and Kara had immediate chemistry (as you might expect with real-life spouses) and the promos for the next episode show them sharing a kiss.  Kara definitely still has feelings for James but, with him busy with Lucy and his own professional happiness, one can’t really blame her for moving on. Since Adam is Cat’s son, there’s a possibility that signs of the new romance may be seen in the office, namely by James and/or Winn.  In the case of James, especially, it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts if the tables are turned and he’s forced to bear witness to Kara’s new romance. We’ll also have to keep an eye on how Winn handles it, as well, knowing how things end up for Adam Foster in the comics. 

TV Recap: Supergirl 1x11 Kara and Adam heart eyes
TV Recap: Supergirl 1x11 Kara and Adam heart eyes
TV Recap: Supergirl 1x11 Kara and Adam heart eyes
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