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February 2016 Romance Novel New Releases Shopping List

Find your future faves with this delightfully convenient shopping list of romance novels coming out in June. We’ve divided them up by week to make it easier for you to find the newest releases. For those who’ve got a very specific obsession, we also divided the list up by subgenre and there are some great books to look forward to, and you can can find them in our printable version. Our shopping list is the biggest yet, so don’t forget to take this printable version with you when it’s time to shop!

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Heroes and Heartbreakers February 2016 Shopping List!
Week of February 1 through February 6
Feb 2 Shopping List Image


Title   Author   Series   Date
Electromancer (e-book)   Daco   N/A   02/01
Remembrance   Meg Cabot   Mediator   02/02
Dark Alpha's Embrace (e-book)   Donna Grant   N/A   02/02
Clockwork Heart   Heidi Cullinan   Clockwork Love   02/02
The Deepest Well   Juliette Cross   Age of Gray   02/02
The Order of the Wolf (e-book)   Anglea Addams   The Order of the Wolf   02/02
SEAL Wolf In Too Deep   Terry Spear   SEAL Wolf   02/02
Wickedly Powerful   Deborah Blake   Baba Yaga Novel   02/02
Darkness Raging   Yasmine Galenorn   Otherworld Novel   02/02
Kings Rising   C. S. Pacat   Captive Prince Trilogy   02/02
The Shadow   Sylvain Reynard   Florentine   02/02
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Unforgettable Hero (e-book)   Valerie Bowman   Playful Brides   02/02
Savage Nights   Mia Gabriel   The Savage Trilogy   02/02
The Hunter   Kerrigan Byrne   N/A   02/02
When I'm With You   Kimberly Nee   Sebastiano   02/02
Will's True Wish   Grace Burrowes   True Gentlemen   02/02
A Gentleman's Game   Theresa Romain   Romance of the Turf   02/02
To Catch a Rake   Sally Orr   The Rake's Handbook   02/02
Highland Spitfire   Mary Wine   Highland Weddings   02/02
How to Wed a Warrior   Christy English   Broadswords and Ballrooms   02/02
Title   Author   Series   Date
A Fighting Chance (e-book)   Shannon Stacey   N/A   02/01
Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy, Part 1 (e-book)   Shiloh Walker   N/A   02/02
Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy, Part 2 (e-book)   Shiloh Walker   N/A   02/02
Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy, Part 3 (e-book)   Shiloh Walker   N/A   02/02
How to Wrangle a Cowboy   Joanne Kennedy   Cowboys of Decker Ranch   02/02
Three Promises   Lily Everett   Billionaire Bachelors   02/02
The SEAL's Secret Lover (e-book)   Anne Calhoun   N/A   02/02
Betting the Bad Boy (e-book)   Sugar Jamison   N/A   02/02
Love Struck   Laurelin McGee   N/A   02/02
Playing Hard   Melanie Scott   New York Saints   02/02
Momentary Lapse   Toni J. Strawn   One Moment   02/02
Until I'm Yours   Kennedy Ryan   The Bennett   02/02
When Staci Takes Charge   Calista Fox   Leave Your Shoes On   02/02
A Dangerous Tryst   Danielle Bourdon   The Inheritance   02/02
Recipe for Kisses   Michelle Major   N/A   02/02
Running Wild   Sara Jane Stone   Second Shot   02/02
The Perfect Letter   Chris Harrison   N/A   02/02
To Win Her Trust   Mackenzie Crowne   Player   02/02
Wicked Sexy Liar   Christina Lauren   Wild Seasons   02/02
Carolina Dreaming   Virginia Kantra   Dare Island Novel   02/02
Hometown Hero   Cate Cameron   Lake Sullivan Romance   02/02
The One For Me   Sydney Landon   Danvers Novel   02/02
Dare to Run   Jen McLaughlin   Sons of Steel Row   02/02
The Hurricane   R.J. Prescott   N/A   02/02
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Master   Tara Sue Me   Submissive   02/02
By the Enchantment of Moonlight (e-book)   Serena Gilley   The Forbidden Realm   02/02
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Viral Justice   Julie Rowe   Biological Response Team   02/01
Protecting His Heart (e-book)   Dana Volney   Wyn Security   02/01
Fantasy Man   Barbara Meyers   N/A   02/02
Hard Ever After   Laura Kaye   Hard Ink   02/02
Diamond Bay   Linda Howard   N/A   02/02
Extreme Exposure   Alex Kingwell   N/A   02/02
By Break of Day   M. L. Buchman   The Night Stalkers   02/02
Midnight Revenge   Elle Kennedy   Killer Instincts Novel   02/02
Brotherhood in Death   J. D. Robb   In Death   02/02
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Step by Step   Candace Calvert   Crisis Team   02/01
You're the One That I Want   Susan May Warren   Christiansen Family   02/01
Becoming Marta   Lorea Canales   N/A   02/01
Renovating the Richardsons   Virginia Smith   Tales from the Goose Creek BandB   02/01
Joshua's Mission   Vannetta Chapman   Plain and Simple Miracles    02/01
Journey of the Heart   DiAnn Mills   N/A   02/01
Love Is Patient Romance Collection   Erica Vetsch   N/A   02/01
The Restoration   Wanda E. Brunstetter   The Prairie State Friends   02/01
No Ordinary Life   Suzanne Redfearn   N/A   02/02
A Season to Love   Nicole Deese   Love in Lenox   02/02
On Lone Star Trail   Amanda Cabot   Texas Crossroads   02/02
Opening Belle   Maureen Sherry   N/A   02/02
Love in Store (e-book)   Vannetta Chapman   N/A   02/02
Love Birds (e-book)   Amy Clipston   N/A   02/02
A Bid for Love (e-book)   Kathleen Fuller   N/A   02/02
Sweeter than Honey (e-book)   Kelly Irvin   N/A   02/02
An Amish Market   Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, and Vannetta Chapman   Novella   02/02
One More Day   Kelly Simmons   N/A   02/02
In Another Life   Julie Christine Johnson   N/A   02/02
Willful Disregard   Lena Andersson   N/A   02/02
The House on Primrose Pond   Yona Zeldis McDonough   N/A   02/02
Casualties   Elizabeth Marro   N/A   02/02
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Baby Arrangement / Baby, I'm Yours / Baby, Be Mine   Samantha Chase   Life, Love and Babies   02/02
Indiscreet   Mary Balogh   The Horsemen Trilogy   02/02
Lilly's Wedding Quilt   Kelly Long   A Patch of Heaven Novel   02/02
After Birth   Elisa Albert   N/A   02/02
Mistaken (e-book)   Laurelin McGee   N/A   02/02
Week of February 7 through February 13
Feb 7 Shopping List Image
Title   Author   Series   Date
Wolf's Ascension (e-book)   Lauren Dane   Cherchez Wolf Pack   02/08
Dark Confessions (e-book)   Angie Sandro   N/A   02/09
Hades' Return (e-book)   N.J. Walters   Hades' Carnival   02/09
Interlocking Hearts   Roxy Mews   The DMA Files   02/09
Mastering the Beast (e-book)   Tina Donahue   Taming the Beast   02/09
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Gladiator's Temptation   Jennifer Bokal   Champions of Rome   02/09
Title   Author   Series   Date
Betting on the Wrong Brother   Cathryn Fox   N/A   02/08
Going All the Way   Cynthia Cooke   N/A   02/08
The Millionaire Makeover   Naima Simone   Beauty and the Bachelor   02/08
What the Bachelor Gets   Kristina Knight   Billionaire Cowboys   02/08
Beyond the Stars   Stacy Wise   N/A   02/08
Give Yourself Away m/m (e-book)   Barbara Elsborg   N/A   02/09
The Consequence of Seduction   Rachel Van Dyken   N/A   02/09
Wild at Heart   T. J. Kline   Healing Harts   02/09
The Bride Wore Starlight   Lizbeth Selvig   Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys   02/09
Falling for Prince Charles   Lauren Baratz-Logsted   N/A   02/09
Legend   Katy Evans   The REAL series   02/09
To the Stars   Molly McAdams   N/A   02/09
Kissed by a Cowboy   Debra Clopton   A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance   02/09
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
The White Iris   Susanne Matthews   Harvester   02/08
Lost in Her   Sandra Owens   A K2 Team   02/09
Bait & Switch   Kendall Ryan   Alphas Undone   02/09
Lightning Lingers   Barbara Freethy   Lightning Strikes   02/09
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Two of Us   Andy Jones   N/A   02/08
The Ramblers   Aidan Donnelley Rowley   N/A   02/09
The Witches of Cambridge   Menna Van Praag   N/A   02/09
The Arrangement   Ashley Warlick   N/A   02/09
Black Rabbit Hall   Eve Chase   N/A   02/09
Every Anxious Wave   Mo Daviau   N/A   02/09
Second House from the Corner   Sadeqa Johnson   N/A   02/09
I'll See You in Paris   Michelle Gable   N/A   02/09
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Two Cuts Darker (e-book)   Joely Sue Burkhart   Killer Need   02/08
Drive   Teresa Noelle Roberts   Cougars, Cars, and Kink   02/09
The One Who Got Away   Kristina Wright   Collection   02/09
Spring f/f   Vina Jackson   The Pleasure Quartet   02/09
The Pleasure Zone   Cairo   N/A   02/09
Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year 20th Anniversary Edition   Sacchi Green   Collection   02/09
Penthouse Variations on Kink   Penthouse Variations   Collection   02/09
Week of February 14 through February 20
Feb 14 Shopping List Image
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Cougar's Wish   Holley Trent   Desert Guards   02/15
Tracker and the Spy   D. Jackson Leigh   Dragon Horse War   02/16
How to Tame a Werewolf   Thalia Eames   Seven Brides for Seven Shifters   02/16
Hunter Forsaken (e-book)   Nancy Corrigan   Wild Hunt   02/16
All the Broken Places   Anise Eden   The Healing Edge   02/16
Title   Author   Series   Date
Knight Protector   Rue Allyn   Knight Errant   02/15
Convincing Leopold (e-book)   Ava March   London Legal   02/15
Notes of Temptation (e-book)   Rebecca Halsey   Hollywood Jazz   02/15
Lemon Blossoms   Nina Romano   Wayfarer Trilogy   02/15
A Convenient Engagement   Kimberly Bell   Countess Scandals   02/16
Title   Author   Series   Date
Healing Love   Abby Niles   Love to the Extreme   02/15
Face Into You   Tracy Wolff   Shaken Dirty   02/15
Getting Him Back m/m   Getting Him Back m/m   Ethan & Wyatt   02/15
His Reason to Stay (e-book)   His Reason to Stay (e-book)   In the Line of Duty   02/16
When We Kiss   Darcy Burke   Ribbon Ridge   02/16
Nothing Like Love   Nothing Like Love   N/A   02/16
If You Can’t Take the Heat   Melissa Brown   N/A   02/16
Unexpected Rush   Jaci Burton   Play-by-Play Novel   02/16
Love on the Red Rocks f/f   Lisa Moreau   N/A   02/16
Whirlwind Romance f/f   Kris Bryant   N/A   02/16
Love on Tap f/f   Karis Walsh   N/A   02/16
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Driven by Fire   Anne Stuart   The Fire   02/16
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Best Laid Plans   Lauren Gallagher   Quantum   02/16
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
Hunger Aroused   Dee Carney   Vampire Hunger   02/15
Hunger Awakened   Dee Carney   Vampire Hunger   02/15
In Some Other World, Maybe   Shari Goldhagen   N/A   02/16
Week of February 21 through February 29
Feb 21 Shopping List Image  
Title   Author   Series   Date
Through the Veil   Colleen Halverson   N/A   02/22
Unstoppable   Lynn Crandall   Fierce Hearts   02/22
Chance on Love (e-book)   Nancy Corrigan   Kagan Wolves   02/23
Valley of Nightmares (e-book)   Jane Godman   N/A   02/23
Runaway Vampire   Lynsay Sands   Argeneau Vampire   02/23
Flame’s Dawn   Jillian David   Hello to Pay   02/29
Title   Author   Series   Date
Along Came a Rogue   Anna Harrington   The Secret Life of Scoundrels   02/23
The Rogue   Katharine Ashe   Devil's Duke   02/23
The Groom Wore Plaid   Gayle Callen   Highland Weddings   02/23
An American in Scotland   Karen Ranney   N/A   02/23
Lady Bridget's Diary   Maya Rodale   Keeping Up with the Cavendishes   02/23
Seize the Dawn   Heather Graham   N/A   02/23
Title   Author   Series   Date
Tactical Maneuver (e-book)   J.C. Wilder   Men of S.W.A.T   02/23
Torque m/m (e-book)   Charley Descoteaux   N/A   02/23
Sweet Haven   Shirlee McCoy   Home Sweet Home   02/23
Mindnight Heat   Cat Johnson   Midnight Cowboys   02/23
Packing Heat   Zuri Day   Blue-Collar Lover   02/23
See You at Sunset   V. K. Sykes   Seashell Bay   02/23
Kiss Me in Christmas   Debbie Mason   Christmas, Colorado   02/23
Isn't It Rich?   Sherryl Woods   N/A   02/23
The Sweetest Chase   Sharla Lovelace   Heart of the Storm   02/23
Fighting Dirty   Lori Foster   An Ultimate Novel   02/23
Seduced by the Mogul   Pamela Yaye   The Morretti Millionaires   02/23
The Bachelor and the Beauty Queen   Carolyn Hector   Once Upon a Tiara   02/23
One More Night with You   Lisa Marie Perry   The Blue Dynasty   02/23
Possessed by Passion   Brenda Jackson   Forged of Steele   02/23
Unruly   Ronnie Douglas   N/A   02/23
Her Forever Hero   Melody Anne   Unexpected Heroes   02/23
Fully Ignited   Shannon Stacey   Boston Fire   02/23
The Rain Sparrow   Linda Goodnight   A Honey Ridge Novel   02/23
Play to Win   Tiffany Snow   Risky Business   02/23
A Girl's Guide to Moving On   Debbie Macomber   N/A   02/23
Life on the Level   Zoraida Córdova   On the Verge   02/23
No Fallen Angel f/f   Sadie Winters   N/A   02/23
The McKettrick Way   Linda Lael Miller   N/A   02/23
Texas on My Mind   Delores Fossen   The McCord Brothers   02/23
Romantic Suspense
Title   Author   Series   Date
Countdown to Zero Hour (e-book)   Nico Russo   Black Ops: Automatik   02/22
The Asset   Anna del Mar   Wounded Warrior   02/22
One Soldier   Christin Michelle Lovell   N/A   02/23
Stone Cold Cowboy   Jennifer Ryan   Montana Men   02/23
Taking Fire   Cindy Gerard   One-Eyed Jacks   02/22
Necessary Risk   Tara Wyatt   Bodyguard   02/22
Women's Fiction and Inspirational Romance
Title   Author   Series   Date
Nobody's Princess   Sarah Hegger   Willow Park Romance   02/23
Promise Lodge   Charlotte Hubbard   N/A   02/23
Domestic Secrets   Rosalind Noonan   N/A   02/23
Holy Mayhem   Pat G'Orge-Walker   N/A   02/23
Courting Ruth and The Secret Agent’s Past   Emma Miller   Hannah’s Daughters   02/23
Noah’s Sweetheart and Plain Peril   Rebecca Kertz   Lancaster County Weddings   02/23
The Friends We Keep   Susan Mallery   Mischief Bay   02/23
Losing the Light   Andrea Dunlop   N/A   02/23
The Third Wife   Lisa Jewell   N/A   02/23
Nookietown   V.C. Chickering   N/A   02/23
The Other Woman   Therese Bohman   N/A   02/23
Welcome Back   Lin Stepp   A Smoky Mountain Novel   02/23
The Pastor’s Husband   Tiffany L. Warren   N/A   02/23
Hot & Nerdy   Shannyn Schroeder   Hot & Nerdy   02/23
Under the Influence   Joyce Maynard   N/A   02/23
Notable Reprints
Title   Author   Series   Date
The Scoop   Fern Michaels   The Godmothers   02/23
When All Is Said and Prayed   E.N. Joy   N/A   02/23
Devil in Winter   Lisa Kleypas   Wallflowers   02/23
The Unleashing   Shelly Laurenston   Call of Crows   02/23
Fatal Frenzy   Marie Force   Fatal   02/23




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Kim Haynes
1. kahintenn
Love, love this shopping list feature! Thanks so much. Looks like February will be a good month for historicals. Mary Balogh's Indiscreet is not new, it must be a reprint or perhaps first time in ebook. It is superb.
2. J.Patrick
Thanks for letting us know Kahintenn. The cover looked so great on that Balogh. The list will be updated. It's one of my favorite features as well. Keeps all the H&H readers updated on the new and reissued/reprinted romances books.
Jami Guess
3. JamiGuess
I am finding that some of the amazon links do not work...
Jami Guess
4. JamiGuess
Runaway Vampire Lynn Crandall Argeneau Vampire.

Opps :) The Author is Lynsay Sands
5. Kareni
What a slew of new books! It's hard to feel in the know these days....
6. JAugust
Fabulous Feburary list! So many choices.

Sidenote: I noticed the cover picture for Rebecca Halsey's 'Notes of Temptation', but not the links for it out 2/16 from Samhain. I also noticed that Kimberly Bells' 'A Convenient Engagement' out 2/16 from Intermix isn't listed at all.

Thanks again for another month of great reads all in one spot :)
7. J.Patrick
Thanks @JAugust. I don't know how Notes of Temptation was missed. Totally loved that Jazz cover. And Bell's A Convenient Engagement has been added. We will work hard to find out how to get those e books published by Intermix.
Norah Gibbons
8. Noire
I am thinking The Witches of Cambridge should have Menna Van Praag as the author as opposed to have the The Witches of Cambridge as the author.
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