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Supergirl 1x08 Karolsen Heart-to-Heart: Friends Who Hug

TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason James and Kara TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason Kara Danvers/James “Jimmy” Olsen (Karolsen)

Show/Episode: Supergirl, Season 1, Episode 8, “Hostile Takeover”
Ship(s): Kara Danvers/James “Jimmy” Olsen (Karolsen)

It’s been quite a season, thus far, for the residents of National City on Supergirl.  We’ve gotten to know Kara and her sister, Alex better and watched their relationship grow. An assortment of villains have come through the town and though they’ve sometimes had temporary success against Supergirl, she’s ultimately won each time. Kara and Cat Grant’s have developed a relationship of mutual respect. And we had an amazing reveal of a beloved DC Comics hero on Kara’s team. But, that’s not why you’re here, is it? The big question is what’s going on with the romance that was teased at the beginning of the season between Kara and James Olsen a.k.a. Karolsen. Wellll, not enough, as far as I’m concerned!

During this first half of the season, we’ve been treated to many longing gazes between Kara and James as well as dancing, lingering hugs and obvious affection between the two. We’ve seen Kara save James and James save her, as well. They’ve argued and made up and developed a deep friendship. There’s been mutual support and healthy debate between them. Their friendship has been ripe for something more since their initial meeting. But, of course, there have been complications.

TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason I don't want to let go gif TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason James and Kara hugging
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Lucy Lane, James’ ex came to National City with reconciliation on her mind.  Though it was clear James was smitten with Kara, he couldn’t say no to his old flame. They are back together and have gone on vacation together and have fought her father to be together and seem, to most, to be a model couple. But we’ve all seen the way James continues to look at Kara. And how, even on vacation with Lucy, he made time to call and offer support to Kara. Lucy and Kara have developed a cordial relationship with each other but Kara still carries a torch for James. And even though he has resumed his relationship with Lucy, neither James or Kara is doing much to stifle their mutual affection.  A fact pointed out recently by the other complication in our Supergirl love quadrangle.

TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason Kara and Winn Schott

Winn Schott, Kara’s second close confidante, asked Kara to go out with him the first time we encountered him on the show. Kara kindly turned him down and seems to only regard him as a very close friend but he has much deeper feelings for Kara. Though they have also grown closer as friends, Kara’s heart has pined for James and Winn’s has pined for her. Winn and James have sniped at each other all season long, even while working together, both jealous of any perceived favoritism from Kara. Winn caught Kara and James in an intimate hug and could not resist the opportunity to admonish Kara about her feelings for someone that is in a relationship.

Last night’s episode focused much more on the non romance related aspects of Kara’s life. Kara’s aunt, General Astra returned along with her husband Non, to launch an attack on the city. We learned more about Kara’s childhood and her mother and aunt’s complicated relationship. Cat Grant was the victim of an email hack that threatened to expose her biggest secret but Team Supergirl was able to help her avert disaster. In the process, however, Cat did, finally, make the realization that her assistant is also her favorite hero, Supergirl. It was a solid episode, complete with lost of ladies kicking ass and generally being bad asses, one of my favorite aspects of this show. It ended on a compelling cliffhanger, in the middle of a crucial battle, leaving all of  fans of the action on the edge of their seats. However, those of us hoping for new developments in the Karolsen ship were left wanting.

TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason James and Kara There will be nothing more TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason James and Kara You're with Lucy
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Though James and Kara shared several scenes but most scenes involving the two of them also included Winn. They worked closely together to try to find out what secrets might be exposed in the hack and to determine who was behind it. James and Kara did talk about their hug but Kara made sure to play it down as nothing more than a hug between friends but she did add “because you have Lucy”, indicating that maybe they could be more than friends, if James didn’t have her. The look on James’ face after Kara told him that might’ve led some of us to believe it might lead to something promising for them but instead it had the opposite effect.

James and Winn spent much time together this week and though their partnership started contentiously, it ended on a much more friendly note.  Almost too friendly, if you are a fan of James and Kara, in fact. James acknowledged that he had initially not realized just how much Winn liked Kara and then advised him to let Kara know how he feels about her. Gasp! What about Karolsen? I guess this is James’ attempt to fully commit to his relationship with Lucy and give Kara a chance to be happy as well. A mature decision, sure, but I don’t have to like it. And I don’t!

Memorable lines:

Cat to Kara: “Only people you trust on this one.  James Olsen and…that handsome little hobbit that has more cardigans than you do.”

James (about Winn): He’s acting weird.
Kara: He’s being Winn.
James: Ever since he saw us hug…
Kara: Which was just a hug. A friendly hug. We are friends who hug. Nothing more.
James: Nothing more?
Kara: Because you’re with Lucy.
James: Yeah, I’m with Lucy.

Winn to James about Kara: She’s her and I’m me. It’s not so easy…you and your abs wouldn’t even understand that.
James to Winn: I understand that Kara is special and not just because of the cape.  She’s the kind of girl worth risking it all for. Hey man, if  I were you, I’d risk it.  

(Author’s Note: I was screaming at my tv “you ARE him, doofus!  Or at least you were until Lucy sauntered into town!  AGH!”) 

TV Recap: Supergirl Midseason Kara's Upset

Charting the Course: So, the midseason finale has come and gone and we are still waiting for the Karolsen relationship to materialize. We got agonizingly close earlier in the season but it looks like the writers want to torture us some more before we get any closer to it. We’ve had intimate moments and we know both James and Kara have deep feelings for each other but the circumstances just haven’t worked out yet. I’m interested to see where they take us next, now that James has seemingly made his decision to stay committed to Lucy and encouraged Winn to take his shot. We are currently in limbo; we know the feelings are there but neither James or Kara is ready to act on them yet.

Next Stop: Thankfully, we don’t have as long to wait as fans of other shows.  Though last night was the midseason finale, the show is expected to be back in just three short weeks on Jan 4th.  We did not get to see any upcoming scenes so we don’t know yet where we are headed, relationship-wise. I expect we are going to have some obstacles before we get there, though, especially now that the show has been picked up for a 20 episode season. Whatever the writers decide to throw at us, I’m in! I still believe in the promise of Karolsen!   


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