Dec 13 2015 5:00pm

Shipping Sunday: Sense and Sensibility Elinor Dashwood/Edward Ferrars

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Sense and Sensibility. Now you may be saying “hold on a second...” but we're talking the movie! On December 13, 1995, Emma Thompson stepped into the role as the beloved Elinor Dashwood! Thompson went on to win many awards (including a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her screenplay). 

So, we all know Emma Thompson is awesome, and her turn as Elinor Dashwood was incredible. While much of Tumblr (as I learned during my search for these gifs) loved Marianne and Colonol Brandon—seriously, it was FAR too hard to find anything with Edward and Elinor—my heart always belonged to Elinor. And not necessarily with Edward, though I was obviously happy to see her HEA. I mean just look at them!




Like many a Jane Austen hero and heroine, Edward and Elinor were nearly separated by their circumstances when Edward's mother threatens (and then eventually) cuts him off. 

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Elinor, on the other hand, many times hides her feelings (again, like many a Jane Austen heroine), leading to Edward—and other people in her family—believing her indifferent. However, we know better! 


Have you watched Sense and Sensibility? There have been multiple versions of this Austen classic. Which ones have been your favorites?

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Laura Bracken
1. Night -owl
Aww, I love this film(even if it means I have to block out the fact that they played brother & sister in Love Actually). Emma is great in this and Hugh is really charming. I Love Alan Rickman in this too but my favourite is Hugh Laurie's sarcastic character(Dr. House would be proud).
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