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First Look: Beth Kery’s Glow (December 1, 2015)

Beth Kery
Berkley / December 1, 2015 / $16.00 print, $9.99 digital

Alice Reed never dreamed she’d escape the stigma of her disturbing past. That’s why she was shocked when, out of the blue, she was recruited to join the elite Durand Enterprises by the enigmatic CEO himself, Dylan Fall. The erotic charge between them was fast and deliciously forbidden. But as Alice opened up to worlds she’d never known, everything changed once again with a stunning discovery: there’s much, much more concealed in the shadows of Alice’s troubling childhood, and her life is about to change forever.

Now, with another piece of the puzzle of Alice’s identity revealed, a mysterious adversary plots to destroy it all—and Dylan is determined to protect her. But as Alice’s sexual addiction to Dylan turns helplessly to love, she can’t help but wonder: how deeply can she really trust him? What were his true motives in drawing her close to him? And what other secrets does he know about her past that even she has yet to learn?

You want to read Beth Kery's Glow. And even luckier for you - if you haven't read Glimmer yet you can immediately glom Glow and read the complete story. The second book in a duo logy is always difficult - you're not quite sure how things are going to go, what crucial details you might have forgotten, or if you're as invested in the story. I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive starting this story, but I quickly got wrapped up in the world of Camp Durand and the company. 

What makes this book stand out are the emotions, and the reality. It's a fantastic story. Almost like a modern fairy tale. But there's just enough in there - with such natural, human, evocative characters - plus the setting and situation - to make you think “well maybe.” And believe. It's what grounds what would otherwise be something that you would have to suspend disbelief for.  

I know it sounds crazy - I can barely believe I'm even writing this, but … at some points I thought “there is all together too much sex going on here.” The latter part of the book really balances that out though, and what works in Glow is that it's never just sex between Alice and Dylan. Even during the dirtiest, raunchiest sessions, they're full of emotion and lay the groundwork for their relationship. Alice and Dylan are both emotionally stunted, and it's easier for them to communicate physically. The important point is that it's never solely physical. Each encounter deepens the emotional connection and relationship. 

What I'm trying to say is that everything in this book works. There are times when you might cringe and want to shake a character, but it's because you're so invested. I also want to give props to Ms. Kery because there are a number of twists and turns that you didn't see coming. Even if you suspect something, it won't end up just how you thought it would. That made it a fun read, and once you accept you won't figure everything out, you're willingly going along on the ride. 

Glow is almost an erotic romantic suspense, more than an erotic contemporary romance. The secondary characters all have a purpose and are well developed too, and the right player comes in at exactly the right time. There are also undertones of possible horror that are woven into the story so skillfully you find yourself going back to think about them. 

Both Alice and Dylan have clearly changed and grown - and it's almost impossible to comprehend most of the story in Glimmer basically takes place over the course of a week. With Glow it's also fast but the overall timeline is much more measured. 

I mean this as the highest compliment - reading Glow is like reading the full story of a sensational headlining news article. You get to meet all the people, get all the details, and the beautiful happy ever after. You're sure Dylan and Alice will be together for the rest of their lives. Valid concerns are brought up and addressed, and the pragmatism of the details along with the cynicism of our hero and heroine balance out the extraordinary circumstances. While my romance loving heart didn't like their time apart, I appreciated the necessity of Dylan giving Alice her space. She had to come to terms with an insane amount of information and change … and it shows that they both trust in their love for each other. Alice and Dylan are plainly meant to be.

Glow is the perfect follow up to Glimmer, and I'll definitely be reading both again while I'm eagerly waiting for Beth Kery's next book.


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