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Putting the Menage in Marriage from McKenna, Elgsborg, and More!

The Silk Tie by Lily Harlem

Love and marriage, go together like a male, male, female romance, ok so that’s not the lyrics to the song but it should be in the case of these books. After glomming Cara McKenna’s Crosstown Crush, I came away thinking about the dynamics that are needed to pull something like Mike and Sam’s fantasies off. First of all, Sam goes about arranging things pretty neatly and luckily finds a somewhat normal third partner in the form of Bern. I have to be completely honest, I am Team Bern all the way, but what I love about Crosstown Crush is that it addresses the logical conclusion that people can develop feelings for each other when they sleep together, something Bern, Sam and Mike all have to address. What was interesting about Crosstown Crush is that there was the need for Mike to be present in some form when Sam and Bern were having sex. This idea is echoed in Lily Harlem’s The Silk Tie.

In The Silk Tie, rather than dealing with a cuckolding fantasy, Hayley founds out her husband Gabe wants to experience male-male sex for the first time and finds out the her husband fantasizes about his new client, Brent. What’s interesting about The Silk Tie is that Brent, the third in the relationship, is the one to insist that Hayley be present during Gabe and Brent’s encounters. In addition, Gabe initially protests to Brent touching Hayley but changes his mind when he realizes it’s a bit hypocritical. Unlike Sam in Crosstown Crush, Hayley doesn’t know about her husband’s desire right away and has to discover it for herself. There seems to be less psychological turmoil in The Silk Tie as Hayley and Gabe have ten years of marriage between them as well as the fact that neither of their kinks ever pushed one towards possibly leaving the other like Mike hiding his kink did to Sam in Crosstown Crush. Instead, there’s more of a sense of, “Is this what you want? Ok, we’ll figure it out,” vibe from Hayley, Gabe and Brent.

Anna in the Middle by Barbara Elsborg

Male/female couples are not the only existing couples to bring a third into their relationship. In Barbara Elsborg’s Anna in the Middle and Susie’s Choice both novels feature an existing relationship between two males both of whom identify as bisexual. In Elsborg’s narratives, the hurdle the men typically face is bringing up their desire for a third partner to one another. For example, in Anna in the Middle, Will believes his partner, Jax is cheating on him, when Will discovers Jax is meeting up with Anna (who is as the title suggests, in the middle of this whole thing). Anna is not aware of Jax or Will having a relationship and there is no outright emotional or physical adultery (in my opinion, readers can make their own), but the two men do have to come to terms with whether or not they want to bring a third person into their lives and their hearts.

Crosstown Crush by Cara McKenna Crosstown Crush and The Silk Tie have most of the negotiating of the relationship occurring between the wife and the male third brought into the relationship. Anna in the Middle and Susie’s Choice have the two men who are already involved in a relationship making a decision to bring in an eager third female partner. Both of these dynamics shift in the works of Kelly Jamieson’s Rule of Three and Loving Maddie from A to Z. Both books have married couples who bring a third male partner into the relationship. However, at least two of the characters in each book have a non-sexual relationship and a deep connection. In Loving Maddie from A to Z, Aidan, Zack and Maddie are all college friends. Eventually, Zack pursued his career while Aidan and Maddie built their lives together. Now, all three must decide if they want to risk a marriage as well as a long standing friendship in pursuit of more.

There are a lot of m/m/f menages out there but I haven’t been able to find many f/f/m that fall into the category of erotic romance, do you know of any?  Let us know in the comments! What you think, is three one too many for a relationship or even more, a marriage to handle?


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